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FTD Audio Updates

November 14, 2005 | Music
On the FECC messageboard Kevan Budd posted a message after fans asked "what happened to Kevan Budd". He has recently finished his work on the Follow That Dream release of "Loving You" and is currently working on the FTD SUN project. For this project they will use the original "dry recording" of Elvis' "That's All Right, mama".

His message:

yes im still alive and happily working hard on Elvis projects, having recently finished the `loving you` FTD and still working hard on `the Sun box set`.

i`ve had several PMs asking if we are using the dry `thats all right` on the FTD box set and i can answer that yes we will include the original dry recording of `thats all right` taken from the best possible source other than a tape. i have heard many sources including the one people are currently discussing and i believe we have the best possible copy.

the FTD box set gives us more freedom to use such a record source copy as compared to the lower distortion tape copy used for the more mainstream release of `Elvis at Sun`.


Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
Greg Nolan wrote on November 15, 2005
Great to have Kevan hard at work - and popping up in the great FECC forum as well as others have lately.