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Dave Hebler Opens Self-defence Website For Women

November 16, 2005 | People
In a move to make self-defense instruction for women accessible to a wider audience than ever before, former Elvis Presley bodyguard and Kenpo Karate Grand Master Dave Hebler has launched a ground-breaking website, that promises to revolutionize Internet instruction and deliver practical, life-saving training to a potentially global female audience in the convenience and comfort of their own homes.

For paid subscriptions of 10 days, 30 days, 3 months and 6 months, women can access 12 self-defense lessons created by Hebler. Designed for all ages and fitness levels, the lessons give women the knowledge and array of techniques they need (potent combinations of kicks, punches, slaps, etc.) to successfully fend off and disable an attacker long enough to get away. Subscribers also tap fresh, rotating content from guest experts that address a variety of related issues. Gift subscriptions to the site are available.

Surpassing the capabilities of a DVD in terms of the flexibility it offers in navigating material, protectingwomen.com is a co-venture of Hebler with partners Jim Taczy and Richard Herrera. It is believed to be the first site to use various existing Web technologies -- Adobe and Macromedia Suites -- in new ways to facilitate learning. Subscribers can study self-defense moves using large-format video they can place picture upon picture, and view from three different angles (such as the turn of a fist or a leg kick from the left, right and at a 45 degree angle). They can choose male or female narration, and get a quick "Flashpaper" print out of each lesson. Plans to offer instruction in different languages are in the works.

Hebler, a 10th degree black belt who battled the legendary Bruce Lee, is a lecturer and self-defense expert who founded The Gift of Power Foundation, a non-profit that gives self-defense instruction and materials to documented victims of violence free of charge. He is author of "MAKING IT OUT ALIVE: Protecting Women and Children From Violence."

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