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Ernst Speaks

November 07, 2005 | Music
Ernst Jorgensen spoke Sunday night on Sirius radio during their debut of the Summer Festival concert. A FECC messageboard member edited his remarks down and posted them online. Ernst Jorgensen speaks about his health, FTD and its plans, the availability of early concerts, the Summer Festival CD itself and other topics.

You can read a transcript of the interview in our articles section.
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum

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Ton Bruins wrote on November 07, 2005
I listened to it and he said nothing really....no news.
Lex wrote on November 07, 2005
Ernst almighty? :-)
Santa Claus wrote on November 07, 2005
They are documenting various Vegas engagements and City Tours on FTD? Did you know that? They re-re-re-release classic Elvis albums on FTD? Did you ever heard of that? Ernst: If you don't have anything new to say or if you are not allowed to say something... why not saving your breath and our time. This interview proofs how the FTD guys treat us fans. When BMG killed the Bootlegger-scene I thought things would become better in any way. Elvis's work finally back in the hands of people that are sitting right at the source. But now: Please bring me back the times, when I bought 3 Bootleg-CDs and had the complete "How Great Thou Art-Sessions" in my collection.
Ton Bruins wrote on November 07, 2005
Yes, in a way it's funny to hear him say really nothing. On the other hand it makes me a bit angry too. Santa Claus is right, he can better save his breath.
bray1977 wrote on November 07, 2005
What exactly do you guys want him to say? I think Ernst has done a magnificent job. Could you do any better santa claus? Many fans do not have access to bootlegs. They have not killed that scene anyway, you can still buy your boots and ignore FTD if thats how you feel about it. Some people are just never happy. Keep up the good work Ernst and its good to hear you are getting better.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on November 07, 2005
is Ernst Jorgensen so almighty? I`LL think not.It`s the bobo`s in NY,USA who said what or not released. It`s after 27 years after, money money..etc. Meanwhile I have almost everything double ether soundboard, audience recording. I know el had his ups and downs but as long as the wrong people tells what released you .. why can`t they bringout on tour 0r tour 18/24 july 1975? etc,etc that is el.ttwii, is el. ..el in concert july 19/ 21..is el. Am I wrong. I could go on and on...but..peter, the netherlands
Santa Claus wrote on November 08, 2005
bray1977; if I would place you right in the middle of the "All complete Elvis archive"..would you do any better than a patchwork of "Much stuff but nothing complete" CDs and a handful of soundboards?
Cruiser621 wrote on November 08, 2005
Goodbye FTD. Hello greed.
Lex wrote on November 10, 2005
Well, I have them all until now... but I'm afraid I'll skip the first one in January. Loving You has been released for the zillionth time earlier this year and I have no need for another copy (in probably less sound quality) of this soundtrack. If it will be Something for Everybody... well, it wasn't even worth releasing a zillion times on the main label, and we have many outtakes on previous FTDs and the Essential Elvis series, if not all. Just read that FTD is just a hobby, often done in the weekends. Ernst, don't you have a better thing to do in your spare time, or is the bottom really reached?
John4126 wrote on November 14, 2005
I am saddened the way the FTD label appears to be heading. I remember reading that there were no sleeve notes as Ernst stated that the fan who this is aimed at will already have all the info to hand. It seems the goal posts have changed. Now i have to duplicate stuff for the umpteenth time just to acquire a handful of un-released tracks. Stuff that the target audience will already have! I personally think with the movie soundtrack re-releases were the writing was on the wall. It wasnt that long ago since the Double Feature releases. Dont get me wrong, i think Ernst and Roger have done a fantastic job since the ealy 90's and i am thrilled to have so much 'new' Elvis music. They need to re-visit what they envisaged when they set up the label originally and focus on that.