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Countdown For A New World Record

November 08, 2005 | Other
Just a few more hours, and the crew of ElvisMatters kicks off the world record attempt “Non Stop Elvis Music”. Starting on Wednesday, November 9th (2 pm), DJ Olav Pawlenko begins his world record. Target is 72 hours non-stop Elvis, but the ultimate goal is 80 hours. Although there’s a list of 775 official Elvis-songs that need to be played for the world record, the number of different versions, alternate takes and one liners, is 4.000.

There’s no charge to attend the world record attempt: fans are most welcome at cafe Galerijke, address: Otterstraat in Turnhout, Belgium.
Gabe wrote on November 08, 2005
Go get 'm, Olav
losdemas wrote on November 08, 2005
Likewise: best of luck!