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Robbie Williams - The King Of The MTV Awards

November 02, 2005 | People
British pop star Robbie Willliams intends to upstage rivals at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) in Portugal on Thursday night (November 3, 2005) by performing as Elvis. The singer will do Presley's iconic white leather jumpsuit, steal his quiff style and perform either his latest track "Tripping" or follow-up single "Advertising Space". A source says, "The song's all about Elvis, and Robbie's already recreated him for the video. "He's got all the gear and wants to blow everyone's mind by stepping on stage as Elvis. "Rob's looking to upstage everyone. And what better way to do it that by dressing up as the King."
Emiel Maier wrote on November 02, 2005
...iconic white leather jumpsuit...: Mmmm, makes me curious about which White Leather Jumpsuit he is going to use..:-). Good luck, Robbie. I saw your Elvis tattoo, and you are a true fan.
elvislady wrote on November 02, 2005
if anyone can do it its robbie.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on November 03, 2005
Emeil..What was the tatoo,I thought it was an Elvis tatoo but couldn't quite make it out.
Emiel Maier wrote on November 04, 2005
Robbie does have an Elvis tattoo: It says: Elvis Grant Me Serenity. The phrase can be found on his upper arm, above the Lion tattoo. I've got a picture of it. Contact me via my profile, and I'll sent it to you.
Pachakuti! wrote on November 04, 2005
I'll just wait and see how mr. Williams is going to develop. It's very hard to develop a voice as well as Elvis did. I do find it strange that people seem to hate impersonators, but love to see Mr. Williams doing his act. I don't think that Robbie is a bad performer, although I would't find him to be attractive. Give me young mr. Billy Gilman instead, that's what a true lion desires.