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Januari 2006 Follow That Dream Releases?

November 02, 2005 | Music
Last week the choice for the seven inch gatefold release in the Follow That Dream re-issue series was down to two titles: "Something For Everybody" and "Loving You". Reading the latest edition of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club magazine from the UK "Loving You" is the CD that will be released January 2006. This has been confirmed by Ernst Jorgensen to Todd Slaughter from the UK fan club. The other January 2006 release will be a live concert.
Source:Magazines: OEPFC Magazine
Matt W wrote on November 03, 2005
The choice? I thought both were being released? 1 classic album, 1 soundtrack and 1 regular release. Hmph, another live show...come on guys, there have been plenty of live shows one after another. Please release a 71 Nashville session disc.
Ton Bruins wrote on November 03, 2005
This Live show should be a good one. No live show from Las Vegas please but one on the road !
NorwayElvis wrote on November 03, 2005
Please not another live show.......im so tied of them,especially the soundboards.Give me any studio ouutakes............
hound216 wrote on November 03, 2005
Personally, I love the live FTD's. They are usually the ONLY ones I buy, Vegas or otherwise. I would like to see one of the TTWII Dinner Shows from 1970 released (August 11th, 12th, or preferably the 13th.) So far, all we have are the midnight shows from the TTWII season. For some reason, the studio session FTD's, with their multiple takes of the same songs, bore me. Just my opinion...
JerryNodak wrote on November 06, 2005
Re: Jan FTD releases. Loving You is NOT a favorite soundtrack of mine. I already own the 2005 Kevan Budd remaster. That's enough for me. pass. Live concert(soundboard). What? Another one. So soon!! Jeez, Louise!! PASS.