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Follow That Dream 2006 Updates

October 30, 2005 | Music
The next regular release from the Follow That Dream collector's label will probably be a live show while the next special edition CD will be either "Loving You" or "Something For Everybody" according to several postings on the FECC messageboard. The two releases should be out in the first week of January 2006, so no FTD presents under the Christmas three for the Elvis fans like last year. Ernst Jorgensen has yet to confirm this news.
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Santa Claus wrote on October 30, 2005
Another edited or incomplete soundboard for 22 Euro? Would be a great change from the Summer Festival release I received just a few days ago. Is this a release by the same Ernst Joergensen that shouted: "No cheap soundboards on FTD" a few years ago? Now he releases everything he got left just to stretch the FTD series. And "Loving You"..isn't that the soundtrack I bought just 8 weeks ago when it was re-re-re-released officially? Good idea Ernst to sell it again after such a long time. Oh, by the way. The re-re-re-release cost me 7,99 Euro. Now I buy the same soundtrack again for 22 Euro. Hm, I forgot: The cardboard-cover (sometimes with original glue-stains) is a little larger this time. So, with all that in mind I kinda looking forward to these great releases the whole world was waiting for. And all you fans: If you have any money left after you bought the "Old Shitstory" box and the "This years same old Christmassongs" re-re-re-release why not spend the rest of it for the "Loving You(r money)" soundtrack and another hissy soundboard tape? As Elvis once sang: "with a "n" and an "o" and a "t" and an "h" and a "thing". Put'em all together and what have you got "nothing"!
byebye wrote on October 30, 2005
Nobody likes to be negative but...We are dealing with a person (Ernst) who obviously is more interested on putting he´s name on top of the credit list on "Cash in compilations" rather making wholhearted original products. He is not soley responsible but something has to be done at Sony/BMG. Release SACD/DSD original albums with beautiful digipack. Imagine "How great thou art" or "From Elvis in Memphis" would be in those editions...-GREAT!!!
Peter@EM wrote on October 31, 2005
Guys, I really - really - don't understand this hars criticism! Nobody tells you to buy the FTD's that you don't like, right? So feel free to skip the next titles. I'm just happy as it is: I would HATE to see the FTD-series disappear. Let's not forget: there was a time that we were happy as kids in a toy store with "Summer Festival".... Ernst has my fullest support.
byebye wrote on October 31, 2005
Peter, -Good as it is??! Take a look on the quickpoll to the left and you´ll realize that you belong to the 10% who seem satisfied with todays strategy. The thing is..IF YOUR GONNA DO SOMETHING.-DO IT RIGHT! Especially when the other 90% dedicated fans demands that. Dont be blind to the fact that BMG/Sony/Ftd uses Elvis´name for profit. Ernst is not even a Elvis fan.! (qoute from SAS interview on flight) *Did you know that in the first edition of "Recording sessions" from "77, J Mikkelsen, E Rasmussen and E Jorgensen were the writers. Now..in the same edition in "98 (only more pictures added) those other two writers were taken out. I wonder why.... How do I know this?? -I have the first issue from "77!
Rob Wanders wrote on November 01, 2005
I must agree with Peter (mail oct. 31). I probably won't buy another soundboard (depending which one it is and if it has any suprises????), also the Loving You-cd will not be bought buy me. Nevertheless I'm very grateful for FTD, and I hope Ernst will continue, Elvis-fan or not (think he is, though!!!). You can't win them all, so I will wait for the ones after these two.
Lefty wrote on November 01, 2005
I have to agree with the frustrated FTD fans. So much more could be done with the FTD label. Take a look at some of the bootlegs! The Hampton Roads Concert is head and shoulders above anything FTD has ever released. Why should the fans abstain from complaining? Of course we can complain by not buying the product. Enough of that activity, and FTD will disappear. But who wants that? Wouldn't it be better to match or exceed the competition. Ernst, go for the high road. Resist the easy out!
Tony D. wrote on November 01, 2005
There is too much irrationalism going on. "Summer festival" was a very good, business-like show. It is only because we are spoilt with the lable and all the new material that people are moaning! Ernst is more of a fan than a lot of people. Also, the new upgrade of "Loving you" will contain many newly discovered out-takes and versions that are previously unheard, along with a superb booklet and treble gatefold 7" sleeve.