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Vote For Elvis As Icon Of The Century

October 25, 2005 | Other
Following the results of the recent 'Variety' Magazine' Poll for 'Icon Of The Century', MSNBC are now conducting on online poll to find out who the public think is the Icon Of the Century. The Beatles are currently in the lead with 33% and Elvis is second with 29% thanks to the votes of Elvis fans. Let's all TCB and show them who is really #1. You can vote at MSNBC.
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum

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Lex wrote on October 25, 2005
Looks like this site has some influence. Elvis is ahead now with 34%.
SuziB wrote on October 25, 2005
Please can someone tell me where to find this as I can find no mention of it anywhere...
nrbl wrote on October 26, 2005
Hi, Just where it says give your opinion, right under it it says related link. Elvis has gotten my vote!!
forelvis wrote on October 26, 2005
Vote for Elvis Presley (38% now) and protest with e-mails and mails against Variety.
LMP wrote on October 26, 2005
Who in their right mind votes for a mouse? I've just voted for the #1 and hope every one else is TCB
ep010835 wrote on October 28, 2005
You all please help me here. I went to www.variety.com and couldn't find a link anywhere on the page to vote.