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Definitive Cover Art Colonel Parker DVD

October 28, 2005 | Video
Here is the final cover art for the DVD on Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker, now set for release in November. This DVD contains a T.V. documentary "Looking For Colonel Parker" made by the Dutch freelance journalist Constant Meijers.


The camera captures the search for Dries Van Kuijck’s footsteps from Constant Meijers, bringing him from Breda (The Netherlands) to Alabama and Memphis. The 'clown' Parker slowly turns into a shrewd manager, who has the world at his feet. Meijers talks to eye witnesses, and focuses on the last remaining traces of the once carnival-artist Tom Parker. The documentary is "interesting", although most of the 'newly discovered' facts from 1987 have been told in detail in newer books such by writers such as Dirk Vellenga and Alannah Nash.
Source:Elvis Australia