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Support A Dutch Elvis Stamp (Updated)

October 16, 2005 | Other
The Dutch Postal Service, TPG Post will issue new stamps in 2006. One of the fifteen possible themes is Elvis Presley. Dutch fans can support a possible Elvis stamp by writing a card to the address below before october 30, 2005.

On September 28 Elvis was leading the poll, followed by the Dutch themes "Vrijmetselaars", "10 jaar Prins Claus Fonds", "Onderzee Dienst" and "Streektalen". Currently Elvis is #2, so get your voted in make sure Elvis is #1 again and the stamp will be issued.

A good motivation can be that next year will be the 50th anniversary of the recording of Elvis' first global hit for RCA, "Heartbreak Hotel".

You can now cast your vote on-line, just follow the related link at the right.

Votes by mail:

TPG Postverkiezing
AA 1180
Postbus 30250
2500 GG Den Haag

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buyep01 wrote on September 18, 2005
I wish you all the very best in getting that elvis stamp. Now (you are all my peers thru Elvis 1-10000) Now I am 28 yrs old but in the United states all I can do is pray and encorage you. I was an Elvis fan at 8yrs old. Yes you dont have to ask they laughed and kidded me I told them something then that came to be. I said after a good 5yrs nobody that you have in that cd bag will be remember. I ran into an old high school friend he said you remember when I use to argue with you all the time about that group and Elvis he thought for a minute and said I can't remember. I said you owe me 5 bucks from 10yrs ago when we made the bet no one will remember them. I said befre you pay me lets make it official. I ask the cashier do you know Who Elvis Presley is well you know the response. If you are in High school wear Elvis buttons to school Join a fan club read a lot of books and be knowledgeable about it, and you will find that almost Everybody likes Elvis to a certain extent because around my junior and senior year in HS. every body though it was cool as hell and I got a lot of folks signed up for fan clubs and after that the ridicule turned into great respect. All they had ever seen about elvis is what the tabloid and television pictures showed them an overweight very unhealthy looking Elvis. When they were exposed to the other portion of his life and all girls would make the same comment Damn He is fine and the guys were interested and thought the statistical facts were amazing. So I have Hope that this will motivate a lot of yonger fans to get more involved and write in about that stamp and tell a friend to do the same and so on , The fans are what holds the power of purchasing items ,also stamps that will not be used, like the US post office loved the american stamp w/Elvis on it because people bought millions of stamps which turned almost pure profit for them, To make it simple the Post office received millions of dollars for mail delivery but didnt have to delivr anything because the fans kept them for a collection piece. When writing and trying to convince your Governmentlet them no how strongly you feel about it and it would not reflect just your opinion, But millions of people standing behind you on this issue all over the world. Best of luck to The Kings newest postal stamp.
Cro@kie wrote on September 18, 2005
Can one write to them in French ? ;-)
Lex wrote on September 18, 2005
Of course you can write to them in French, assuming that you can write at all... but then again, a typed card will be fine too, I guess.
Elvos wrote on September 26, 2005
He's allready on the #1 spot, lets keep him there. Finally a dutch Elvis stamp, maybe we could invite the stamps over to be there when the first posting stamps will be sold.lol. Hope they wont sell the wrong stamps...
forelvis wrote on October 19, 2005
After Variety Poll, is sure that the Beatles will win the Dutch Stamp and Elvis Presley will be the number # 1000 in the list if God save him.
forelvis wrote on November 03, 2005
Please, update this news Elvisnews team. I know that: in 2006 krijgen: 1. Elvis Presley 2. Vrijmetselaars 3. Sesamstraat 4. Romanfiguren 5. Streektalen