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Cashier Jailed Over Elvis Theft

October 20, 2005 | People
A town hall cashier who stole more than £500,000 in car-parking fees to fund her obsession with Elvis Presley has been jailed for three years. Julie Wall, 46, took up to £10,000 a month for nearly a decade at North Kesteven District Council to spend on records, Lincoln Crown Court heard.

Officials only realised the theft when an audit was carried out. Wall, of Rippon Drive, Sleaford, whose job was counting coins from cashboxes at car parks, admitted theft. Council bosses had regarded her as a "mild and modest" employee, the court was told. But she used the cash to buy hundreds of CDs, DVDs, videos and signed mementoes during visits to record fairs, auctions and internet sites.

The court was told she got away with her "extraordinary" crimes because the council never carried out any checks, until an audit was carried out earlier this year. Wall, a council employee for 30 years, repeatedly held back hundreds of pounds from each box and then exchanged the coins for notes used in other council transactions. Sam Robinson, prosecuting, said that between January 1996 and July this year she was estimated to have stolen more than £557,000. Luke Blackburn, mitigating, told the court Wall had been in the grip of "an exceptional habit" and was now ashamed of herself. Det Con Graeme Baker, of the Lincolnshire Police Financial Investigation Unit, said that when Wall was arrested officers seized thousands of Elvis related items from her home.

A spokesman for North Kesteven District Council said Miss Wall had been dismissed and that "steps were being taken" to recover money she had pocketed. A confiscation and compensation hearing has been scheduled for next year when the collection is expected to be auctioned off to raise the cash taken from the council. Det Con Baker said: "The collection could potentially raise in excess of half a million if it was sold off."
asd123 wrote on October 20, 2005
These Elvisfans seem to be really weird ;)
Viva wrote on October 21, 2005
What's the difference? it's only money the council robbed off the motorist in the first place. They're the biggest crooks. Fair play to the girl, It's ok that she bought some Elvis with the money. After all, the council would have spent the half million on some stupid bloody statue, which looks like nothing in particular, to stick in the middle of the town centre to be hated by everyone.
Son Of Mark 64 wrote on October 21, 2005
Well away we go girl,its only motorist money that the council would probably spend on some thing stupid. wouldnt mind have in a look at the collection must ok for 1/2 million quid
johnny vegas wrote on October 22, 2005
Unlucky for you getting caught.But can anyone tell me were the sale of Elvis mementoes will take place. PS. better luck next time.
Rob Nelson wrote on November 06, 2005
We enjoy reading these stories. But, do we need to post this to the webpage even if the story is remotely connected to Elvis? This news item will receive coverage in all the major U.K. tabloids. I agree, I am more than just a bit curious what is in her collection. Now, that must have been a fun and enjoyable time purchasing all those Elvis items. Off topic, but, I will mention anyway: I agree with the comments regarding local council and their keen (and legal) habit of collecting money from the citzenry - the very first piece of mail I received after moving to the U.K. was a council tax bill (80 quid) - I had been a resident for 3 whole weeks up to that point - I secured employment the next day after the council tax bill arrived. Respect and peace to all.