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Elvis Charity Advertisement

October 14, 2005 | Other
A recent ad running in the local "Memphis Magazine" states that "Elvis has a new LP". Orginally thought to be a promotional ad for "HitStory" The Elvis Presley Tribune asked Todd Morgan for more details, his reaction:

"It's not about a CD release. It's a teaser ad a local organization is doing about a fund-raising item soon to be announced. Future ads and a press release will give the details on what it's about. We would post some more info about it, but that would be betraying that organization's trust. We will post the information as soon as they give us the green light. It's a pretty cool thing. We'll try to remember to ask for copies of their ads to post as well.

In the meantime, have fun guessing what the term "LP" in the ad means."

Todd Morgan
Source:Elvis Presley Tribune