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The Making Of On Tour

September 25, 2005 | Video
Here is another "On Tour" DVD. Unless mistaken this is possibly the DVD with the same title that was announced a while ago. This DVD should be released late September or early October 2005.
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nrbl wrote on September 25, 2005
Would anybody happen to know the region code? Many thanks,
buyep01 wrote on September 25, 2005
Hey nrb1 so far unless somebody knows any different All of these are bootlegs and should be dvd/vcd region free. since it is not an official release per say I think it would play I have bought 20 to 30 various unofficial realeases and I am in the United States and all have played. It really is a shame I look at this web site and better official realeases CD box sets and books are released over seas than here in the United States. My question to any one is this the same footage realeased recently. Thanks
CD King wrote on September 25, 2005
I just cannot understand this, why MGM/Warner/EPE just refuse to release proper versions of ELVIS ON TOUR or ELVIS IN CONCERT???while unofficial copies now flood the market? Elvis On Tour as an award winning movie has not even had an official DVD release, what a bloody shame and disgrace!
Renan Augusto wrote on September 27, 2005
Totally agree with you CD KING!
emjel wrote on September 27, 2005
As much as we all want these items, there could be any one of various copyright/royalty problems that is preventing MGM releasing On Tour. Remember that these are the reasons why Kissin Cousins and Girl Happy have been held up, simply due to a royalty problem on one song. The song writer just wants more money!!.
Cameron wrote on October 01, 2005
Hi , I,ve just recieved & watched the 'Making of On Tour' DVD. Don't get me wrong it's great to have new film of Elvis,But , the quailty of the film is poor - some sound is also missing from filming & the section of Elvis singing - Always on My Mind has the vocal from the original single and it's NOT Elvis singing live on the film.When I ordered this from the Elvis Fan Club ( UK ) the description did not suggest that the picture or sound would be this poor .Some studio guy must have brought this material into circulation - so you would think the quality would be the same as the original film ? Buyers beware.
Mr Scrapbook wrote on October 02, 2005
CD King took the words right out of my mouth ! The IMPORT people continue to flood the market with this stuff so why oh why can we not have an OFFICIAL release. I can still purchase On Tour on 'VHS' so why not 'DVD'?
Son Of Mark 64 wrote on October 02, 2005
this is not a very good dvd im my opinion. poor sound and picture if this is the best of the outakes leave them as outakes
buyep01 wrote on October 03, 2005
I purchased a version of Elvis on tour outtakes volume 1 the sound and footage were excellent but I have bought a lot of things from him and he tells me which are good which are bad. He sent me recently a copy of the on tour special addition which had excellent sound and unseen footage, although he did say he didnt think vol 2 of the outakes were the same quality as volume 1. I have to agree with the majority just about every Elvis fan owns copies of the entire Elvis in concert and the other two concerts and before it is over every body will have the on tour footage seems like they would want to release something for some new things and a cut of the money that the fans are spending there in all honesty probably grade A to F on these outtakes being sold but there is alot of good footage. What the hell ever happened to this is Elvis coming out on DVD was that a mistake or wasnt it?