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TCB Band To Play With Jerry Lee Lewis

September 27, 2005 | People
In November Jerry Lee Lewis will give several shows in the UK, together with the TCB Band and Sweet Inspirations. Percy Sledge will also appear in these shows.

Saturday 12/11/05: Blackpool, England, The Opera House, Tel: 01253 292029
Wednesday 16/11/05: Dundee, Scotland, The Caird Hall, Tel: 01382 434940
Friday 18/11/05: Cardiff, Wales, Cardiff International Arena, Tel: 02920 224488
Monday 21/11/05: Aberdeen, Scotland, Aberdeen Beach Ballroom
Thursday 24/11/05: London, England Carling Apollo Hammersmith, Tel: 0208 5633800
Saturday 26/11/05: Glasgow, Scotland Scottish Exhibition Centre, Tel: 08700 404000
Joanna wrote on September 27, 2005
Really do not like this idea. Jerry Lee was so bad just after Elvis died and I believe he has always been jealous of Elvis. The music just does not match. Elvis with TCB etc is a different league. Smatches of earning extra money. Bad idea, ill matched.
cathyreno wrote on September 28, 2005
Well isn't Jerry one lucky son of ***** ofcourse out of the famous 'million dollar quartet'hes the only one left now but how did he get the gig? God only knows... Still he is a showman so I'm sure the concert will be great. T C B has to eat folks atleast they are being seen... I would like to see a review afterwards if it is possible elvis news? T C B everyone
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on September 28, 2005
I agree with Joanna,even if I didn't I wouldn't go if it was free..I cannot stand Mr Lewis his music is crap,if it comes on the radio I turn it off.
boris wrote on September 28, 2005
It looks pretty ironical to me to see big old Jerry Lee want to perform with the TCB Band at 70... After a lifetime jealousy and frustration watching his local rival's fame rise to unprecedented heights while personally experiencing ups and downs (mostly downs unfortunately) Jerry Lee Lewis, finally acknowledged as a legend of his own time (and one of the few still alive) goes back to trying to do what he could never achieve : walk in E's shoes... It sounds like an old retired teacher trying to win the first prize in reciting poetry at a high school competition... Emotional you said? At least some older fans will enjoy watching rock'n'roll's leftovers all at once... the shorter the experience the softer the tragedy! Honey get your boppin' shoes before the juke box blows a fuse... Well I may be common people but I'm your brother and when you strike out you're tryin' to hurt me it's hurtin' you...
leecliffan wrote on September 28, 2005
Please note that Jerry Lee will NOT be performing WITH the TCB Band, but with his own Killer Band. The TCB are just on the same billing and will PROBABLY perform with Blondell. Cheers, see you in Blackpool!
John P S wrote on September 28, 2005
Some may have overlooked the fact that one of the key members of the TCB Band is James Burton who, on many occassions, both on record and on stage, has been Jerry Lee's lead guitarist. Incidentally, why do some people feel it obligatory to bad mouth other performers, legendary like Jerry Lee, or otherwise?
boris wrote on September 28, 2005
James Burton played with almost everyone in Nashville I guess after Elvis passed away... After all he was one of the greatest wasn't he? Now Blondell... You mean Joan Blondell? I'm only kidding... I didn't mean to hurt anyone and I apologize if I did hurt Jerry Lee's fans... I respect Jerry Lee who's always been one of my favorite performers... I may add that one of my best friends, european country singer Paul McBonvin, has been in charge of one the killer's fan club for a while and therefore invited him a few times over Europe to my greatest satisfaction... On another hand the idea of Jerry Lee Lewis performing with the TCB Band around him kind of hit me... Strange feeling really! Now that everything is clear I wish everyone a good show and a great time!
Richard Stables wrote on September 28, 2005
Managed to check for some more information on the Aberdeen show and apparently it is a Charity Evening organised by the local oil community for the Red Cross working in New Orleans. Unfortunately it's a champagne dinner show and the tickets are £150 each.
buyep01 wrote on October 01, 2005
Jerry Lee, A legend in his own mind. The movie great balls of fire was so off course that it actually leaned towards the idea that he blew Elvis off the charts, they just forgot to include the fact that the Elvis singles stayed at the #1 spot for a thousand years and The idiot's........ oh I mean the killer just happened to be the next #1. He was always so jealous of Elvis you just see it in his face when the king is mentioned. The sad fact is Jerry Lee had to stand outside the gates of graceland with the other common people the only difference was he got put in jail cause he is an idiot. Just for old time's sake he ought to play with the TCB band against a back drop of graceland's gates, and when the show is finished the police can walk on stage and lead him away in handcuff's you know like in the good old days when he was so much better in his own twisted mind than the king. Oh and jerry Lee fans if you are offended by this do something constructive and go look for the killers last #1 CD or Gold record, I bet I over looked them going to the Elvis Section. Goodness gracious great night of a has been on fire, let me know how the show goes.
byebye wrote on October 01, 2005
Hmm..some hard words here.. Like Elvis said in the control room of sun studio during the "million dollar quartet" sessions,-"He has a different style, and the way he plays piano just gets inside me".
Teacher wrote on October 05, 2005
boris wrote: "James Burton played with almost everyone in Nashville I guess after Elvis passed away." James and the other members of the TCB Band played live and did studio work with many other artists while working with Elvis.