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Bald Elvis In Newspaper Commercial

September 30, 2005 | Other
After the Dutch, the Belgian news papers have begun a new campaign with a photo-shopped picture of Elvis. The message is obvious: at first, readers of the news paper will be amazed (what was Elvis' biggest fear? as the text reads), and then they’ll read the ad about a hair transplant factory. The article claims that EPE agreed so quickly, probably – as the article says – after the right amount of cash has been deposited.

We contacted EPE's Todd Morgan and his response was:

“Of course, EPE did not give permission for this silly thing. We'll pass it on to Licensing/Legal to check into in case they are not already aware. Unfortunately, trademark protections for deceased celebrities are very weak in Europe. This sort of thing is very easy to stop in the USA, but it's sometimes very difficult or even impossible to do something about in Europe. But, we'll see.”

"I wonder whom they "paid a lot of money." Definitely not EPE. Not a penny."
Jth wrote on October 03, 2005
Is this any more sillier than the "Elvis duck"?!?!
cathyreno wrote on October 03, 2005
bring back the elvis duck all is forgiven lol
Aarons wrote on October 07, 2005
Can anyone describe to me what was the Elvis duck.