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No Emmy For ELVIS

September 19, 2005 | Other
The 2005 CBS miniseries "ELVIS" was nominated for 4 Emmy Awards, but didn't win an Emmy Award.

The nominees were:

1. Lead Actor, Miniseries or Movie - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
2. Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie - Randy Quaid
3. Supporting Actress, Miniseries or Movie - Camryn Manheim
4. Miniseries
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
Sean Ryan wrote on September 19, 2005
Im not surprised.afer seeing the 'if i can dream ' clip they should have scrapped the miniseries completely cause it was embarrassing.
Shakingruud wrote on September 19, 2005
I don´t think it was that bad. The actors did a good job, and i liked this´´Elvis´ better than the one in Elvis And Me ( i got nightmares from that guy!!). But you´re right, If I Can Dream was terrible, as was the hairstyle of ´Elvis´ . Terrible!
dismas wrote on September 19, 2005
Personally, I thought the "Elvis" mini-series was a thoroughly disappointing, second-rate production that was very lucky to even garner the nominations. They (CBS, etc.) had a perfect opportunity to set the record as straight as it ever will be; all they had to do was option the rights to the epic two-part Peter Guralnick biography (Last Train To Memphis/Careless Love) and they'd have been able to produce the ultimate Elvis film bio. Instead, they went with a hack script that was filled to the brim with outright mistakes and obvious inaccuracies and, by ending in June 1968 (BEFORE the actual Dec. '68 airing of the Singer Presents Elvis tv special), they only told half of the story. All in all, it was a mighty big letdown.
loiacvi1 wrote on September 21, 2005
Ditto. The guy who played Elvis didn't seem to study Elvis' expressions as was obvious in the 68 Comeback Special "recreation". Apparently anyone can style their hair in a pompadour and get an Elvis role. I believe he would have made a better Fonzie.