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More Gold And Platinum For Elvis?

September 17, 2005 | Other
EPE updated the birthday events calendar for what would have been Elvis' 71st. birthday. As part of the "Elvis Presley Day Ceremony" on the front lawn of Graceland Mansion the calendar mentions "A Sony BMG presentation of Elvis’s latest gold and platinum record and DVD awards is anticipated".

A FECC messageboard member queried the above statement with Todd Morgan of EPE, he has replied as follows:

"We assume it will be the typical mix of upgrades and new awards - whatever Elvis is due and the record company can get certified. We don't have a list yet".
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
Colin B wrote on September 17, 2005
Good news ! They didn't make any announcement this August, so it's good to hear of one planned for Jan. 2006 ! Wonder what awards will be made ?
buyep01 wrote on September 17, 2005
I am very glad to hear of more gol and platinum for Elvis. The biggest thing that gets me is the way RIAA looks at it well calculations were different back then. I am 28 yrs Old and a lot of my friends now you now would understand that. Yes and there are friends and family members that would love to tell me Elvis has been out sold. I explain Elvis did not get credit for his most popular time in music 1956-1958 Because the RIAA was just being created during that time, to make it fair those should be counted, everyone also knows of the poor record keeping by RCA and The Vampires including his Managers were counting money instead of records. When garth Brooks was told he was the all time biggest selling solo artist of all time. His first words was I think we all know it is Elvis there is just different standards used today. He nailed it right on the head they had to have a ceremony several years later and an apology from riaa to award elvis with counted sales of 100,000 records which puts him outselleing every ones. Maybe EPE, BMG, and the RIAA should take a breather from rereleasing the same stuff for another buck to fill their wallets. With Today's Computer technology and all of those companies involved (lord knows we give them enough money) in reasearching I mean a real research and Show the world what us Elvis fans have known for years and show fully documented sales one billion records for the world to see music has only one King Elvis Aron Presley. But I am probably dreaming again, hey how long before they package up the all ready released 50'60'and70's masters and add an extra box set of the best of all the come up with a nifty name like lets call Box-story only catch is you have to buy all the ones you already own to get the other set. Sadly that is not to far from the truth and I would be the biggest of all Hipocrites if I said lets take a stand and not buy the same old thing just to get a CD. However I have already preordered my copy. I share my feelings with my peer's you fellow Elvis fans, but if someone else say's it that is degrading elvis I am read for a fight then. I really hope they have found quite a bit to award the king and thanks to EPE ,BMG and the RIAA for the help you gave to give Elvis some more awards that he deserved.