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Colonel Parker DVD

September 13, 2005 | Video
There were already books on the man behind Elvis, but now a DVD on Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker has been released. This DVD contains a T.V. documentary "Looking For Colonel Parker" made by freelance journalist Constant Meijers. The documentary was originally broadcasted on the "Het Uur Van De Wolf" series at the end of the nineties.


The camera captures his search for Dries Van Kuijck’s footsteps, bringing him from Breda to Alabama, to Memphis. The ‘clown’ Parker slowly turns into a shrewd manager, who has the world at his feet. Meijers talks to eye witnesses, and focuses on the last remaining traces of the once carnival-artist Tom Parker. The documentary is “interesting”, although most of the ‘newly discovered’ facts from 1987 have been told in detail in newer books such by writers such as Dirk Vellenga and Alannah Nash.
Source:It's Elvis Time
cathyreno wrote on September 13, 2005
I like the pic for front cover if you look closely it looks like Elvis is cringing as Col. Tom is giving him a 'pat on the back' Will it entice the Elvis fans to buy it? I dont know, not too interested in Col. Tom myself.
bhp elvis wrote on September 13, 2005
will the colonel receive 50% of the dvd sales just like during elvis' career? what a crook....
cathyreno wrote on September 14, 2005
Never underestimate that man he probably could from the grave lol It looks like a good dvd though
Cro@kie wrote on September 14, 2005
A crook is someone who does something to someone (like ripping them off) without their knowledge or their agreement...