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The Elvis Medley

September 04, 2005 | Music
Recently we picked an oldie from our CD cabinet, “The Elvis Medley”. Time for an oldies review.


This CD comes from Mexico and was released in 1994 on CD. It is a typical eighties design, built up of squares. A big picture from our man, shot by Ed Bonja, with small pictures in smaller squares. The cover is done hastily, you can see where they erased older print.


This release contains the first official Elvis remix. Not just one remixed track, but six classics in a medley with a small beat underneath it. We know David Briggs showing off his keyboard skills on stage (which sometimes sounded like he was trying to impersonate Star Wars) during the band introductions, but on this medley he went easy on Elvis adding just a small beat. Fortunately we also get all tracks of the medley separately.

The remainders of the CD is an old fashioned ten track compilation. From “Jailhouse Rock” to “Burning Love”, closing with “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Hard Headed Woman”.


As with most old compilations, too short, but a nice way to play some favorites in a different order.


The Elvis Medley (Jailhouse Rock - Teddy Bear - Hound Dog - Don´t Be Cruel - Burning Love - Suspicious Minds) - Jailhouse Rock - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Hound Dog / Don´t Be Cruel (To A Heart That´s True) / Burning Love / Suspicious Minds / Always On My Mind / Heartbreak Hotel / Hard Headed Woman
Cro@kie wrote on September 06, 2005
What the hell does "David Briggs tried to impersonate Star Wars on stage" mean ? Especially if you consider the fact that the movie came out after DB left Elvis' band...
bhp elvis wrote on September 13, 2005
The elvis medley is a must for any elvis fan. The only way I could find it was to download it.