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The Real Footsteps Of Elvis

September 03, 2005 | Other
The cement slab that was stepped in by the King during the filming of "Charro!" has been found. The slab reads: "Elvis Presley (signed) - JESSE (played Jesse Wade) - July 7, 1968.

The cement slab has been stored in a secure vault. This is understood to be the only known cement footprint ever cast by Elvis and is a central part of the history of Apacheland where Charro! and other movies were filmed.

Many actors and actresses cast their hand prints and footprints at the historic Apacheland Studio back in the 1960's but when Apacheland closed it's doors to the public in the late 1970's many of the valuable artifacts were sold, or lost and became part of personal collections in past. By the time Apacheland opened it's doors again in 1994 not much was left to remind people of the famous actors and actresses that walked the dusty streets.

Updated September 2005:

The auction has been withdrew the auction because of the shipping costs. The total weight of the footprints alone was over 250lbs and the couriers could not guarantee me or the purchaser that they would arrive in one piece. I had lots of people from Japan and the UK interested but the shipping is what caused me to pull auction. Prices for freight shipping could cost over $4,000 with insurance but there is no way to replace the items if they were damaged.