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Ending The Remix Rumour

August 24, 2005 | Music
Todd Morgan from Elvis Presley Enterprises checked with Sony / BMG on the Joe Dimuro commends on a possible new remixproject to bring Elvis to new generation of fans. The response he got from Sony / BMG reads:

"Joe DiMuro was on ABC News a couple of weeks ago. As far as we know he mentioned the remixes that were done in the past. That's it. No new remixes are in the works."
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on August 24, 2005
If you talk in your sleep?
Emiel Maier wrote on August 24, 2005
No, like I said earlier: either "A change of habit", or "Such A Night" in a "Mambo No.5" version, including the Perez Prado trumpets. A re-mix is necessary to get the youngster interested in the originals. It will work like a Pied Piper.
Tina S wrote on August 25, 2005
yes we do need remix's so youngsters will get to like elvis
Sean Ryan wrote on August 25, 2005
I disagree with the other comments.We dont need another remix cause elvis's talent will bring fans into the elvis world just like it has done for the last 25 years.to say we need remixes is an insult to his talent.There will always be elvis fans from 6 to 60 for many years to come so keep the songs as they were meant to be heard and dont mess around with them any more.
Viva wrote on August 26, 2005
Sean Ryan: I work within a section of the Elvis industry, and I can assure you that Elvis' popularity among the younger crowd is not as healthy as you think. Of course, Elvis' music is good enough and timeless enough to remain as popular now as it always was but unfortunately, there are other factors involved which will put off younger fans. These being namely the current method of marketing which EPE and BMG have adopted which is a return to the bad old days of re-issues, tacky and tasteless memorabilia and a complete closed door approach to anyone doing something new with Elvis' body of work. When the re-mix of ALLC came out, Elvis became immensely cool and popular among the younger set, which is borne out by the fact that the track still gets played in clubs all over the UK. There is absolutely nothing wrong and everything right with re-mixing some of Elvis' lesser known tracks provided that nothing is done to alter the actual bare bones of the song. ALLC changed very little when they re-mixed it, it was only the addition of a heavier base line and a cleaner drum beat which made this song differ from the original '68 version. Not a huge alteration, just a development of a great track, fine tuned to fit in with the current music scene, and certainly not an insult. If the re-mixing of lesser known tracks sparks an interest in the the mind of the general public, which would then compel them to tale a listen to more of Elvis' material, then I'm all for it.
cathyreno wrote on August 26, 2005
excellent opinion Viva and thats exactly the way it is the today's music market unfortunaly T C B everyone
ta2k wrote on August 27, 2005
I agree with the pure sentiments of Sean Ryan as in Elvis` music is timeless and his talent is unmatchable.Though i disagree when you say it is an `insult to his talent` to do remixes.There is no way i`d propose any action that would insult the King in any way whatsoever,i`d no more insult Elvis than i would my brother. As i`ve said before though i believe remixes are a key to Graceland.If Elvis` songs,untouched,were released and promoted the same as everyone else,then i completely agree that remixes would be unnecessary because everyone would have the chance to hear and buy the music as it was intended and would doubtless become hooked like the rest of us.However we know that will never be the case.Remixes will probably get radio play,media coverage,and shelf space in record stores.There may be a `funky` eye-catching sleeve,all this adds up to the chance of more new people buying the song,and then delving into the original stuff,and discovering the greatness of The King.These people will then probably say,`thank you remix for guiding me in the right direction,the direction of pure Elvis devotion`! TCB