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Cover Art Hitstory 3 CD Set

August 24, 2005 | Music
Here is the cover art of the upcoming "Hitstory" box set. Hitstory will be packaged in a 'litho-wrapped' cardboard 8-panel digi-pak. The same as used for the deluxe 3-disc '68 Comeback Special Deluxe DVD set, just in CD format. "Hitstory" is a 3-CD deluxe set of "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits", "Elvis 2nd To None" and a bonus disc with all hit songs that didn't make it onto E1 or E2. The 3 CDs will be packaged in a 'litho-wrapped' cardboard 8-panel digi-pak (same as used for the deluxe 3-disc '68 Comeback Special Deluxe DVD set, just in CD format). The cover will be 5 color with metallic. The set is already available for pre-order.

Below the tracklisting for the Australian Edition:

Blue Moon - 1956
Mystery Train – 1957
Rip It Up – 1957
Got A Lot O Livin’ To Do – 1957
Trying To Get To You – 1957
Lawdy, Miss Clawdy – 1957
Paralysed – 1957
Party – 1957
I’m Left Your Right She’s Gone - 1958
The Girl Of My Best Friend – 1960
Wild In The Country – 1961
One broken Heart For Sale – 1963
Kiss Me Quick – 1963
Kissin’ Cousins – 1964
Such A Night – 1964
Ain’t That Loving You Baby – 1964
Tell Me Why – 1965
Frankie And Johnny – 1966
All That I Am – 1966
Guitar Man – 1968
US Male – 1968
I’ve Lost You – 1970
There Goes My Everything – 1970
Rags To Riches – 1971
I Just Can’t Help Believin’ – 1971
Until It’s Time For You To Go – 1972
My Boy – 1974
Suspicion – 1977
My Way – 1977
It’s Only Love – 1980
Are You Lonesome Tonight (laughing version) 1982 Special Bonus Track

The US release will contain:

I Beg Of You
My Wish Came True
Fame And Fortune
I Gotta Know
Flaming Star
Follow That Dream
One Broken Heart For Sale
Kissin’ Cousins
Such A Night
Ask Me
Ain’t That Lovin You Baby
Easy Question
I’m Yours – Single Master
Puppet On A String
Love Letters
Separate Ways
Steamroller Blues
If You Talk In Your Sleep
My Boy
Source:Elvis Australia

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E.J.F... wrote on August 24, 2005
Tempting I know, but I will stand firm and will NOT buy the whole set and get Discs 1 and 2 for the upteenth time just to have Disc 3. If the powers-that-be should consider releasing the third disc by itself, and use the Australian track listing, together with DSD Mastering technology I would definitley add it to my collection. So take note BMG/Sony.
Ton Bruins wrote on August 24, 2005
Suspicion - 1977 ?
Tony C wrote on August 24, 2005
"Suspicion" is dated 1977 because that is when it was a chart hit. Although it was released as a single in America in the sixties, it was not a regular release and was in RCA's Gold Standard series. In the UK, "Suspicion" was the single release prior to "Moody Blue" and did very well on the charts. This would also explain "It's Only Love" being dated 1980. This great track was denied a UK release in 1971, and was first released as a single here in 1980 to promote the "Elvis Aron Presley" box set. It became Elvis' highest posthumous UK single release up until "A Little Less Conversation".
SuziB wrote on August 24, 2005
Suspicion was a UK hit in 76 not 77. It was the same year 'Girl of My Best Friend' also made the UK Top 10. Suspicion was also on the Lp Elvis In Demand the same year.
Jim Hoff wrote on August 24, 2005
Could be a nice gift to the kids for Xmas to get them started with their Elvis-collection. But to us hardcore fans it's just the Colonel painting birds yellow and then selling them as canaries -:)
dismas wrote on August 24, 2005
SuziB good(with apologies to chuck berry)! But I agree with EJF -- I'm not buying another "deluxe-priced" box-set just to have the third disc in my collection. The brevity of the American release also troubles me. Yes, I understand that they're all Billboard (read: USA) Top 20 hits; however, that wasn't the original concept precedent set with E-1. That disc collected American AND BRITISH #1's. So, the obvious question needs to be asked: Why isn't E-3 (which this is, whether they want to call it that, or not)also a blend of American & British hit singles that rose to the top 20 in their respective charts? Just asking.
KeithJ wrote on August 24, 2005
I'm with you EJF, it's the same old BMG (RCA), lets re-release the same records and just add a couple of new songs to try and tempt the fans into buying the album, the only way I will buy this CD is if it is released separately.
E.J.F... wrote on August 25, 2005
Yes dismas, although in my first posting I did not specify, your comments were the reason I opted for the Australian track listing as opposed to the US version. At least the Australian version contains more hits from both sides of the Atlantic (plus Australian Hits of course) than the US version does. In fact, in my opinion why not go the whole gamut and include ALL the hits from around the world! If I remember well, back in the 60's "No More" was a No.1 hit in South Africa!! An E-4 perhaps?! And KeithJ, just a small correction. What "new songs"? We all have these songs a hundred times over don't we?. But if they remaster all the tracks using the latest (DSD?) technology I surely wouldn't mind owning the 15th copy of "The Girl Of My Best Friend"!