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That's Live - Reprint

July 10, 2005 | Video
Re-released as digi pack is the import DVD "That's Live". This release contains the CBS special.
Source:For CD Collectors Only
David Brys wrote on July 11, 2005
I love that cover!
Viva wrote on July 11, 2005
Could anyone say whether this is any good or not? What's the sound and video quality like? And what's on it? I have been waiting for a decent quality/content DVD of this period for some time, so any info fans have on the details would be appreciated.
Viva wrote on July 11, 2005
Er..of course I know it contains the CBS show, but I mean does it have any other footage from the tour.
gareth wrote on July 12, 2005
Viva. The quality is the best i've seen. There isn't anything from the rest of the tour it's just the t.v. special. The rest of it is interviews taken from the old vhs Elvis memories. It's well worth getting hold of.
Viva wrote on July 14, 2005
Thanks Gareth.