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Vital Vegas, Rock And Roll Legend And Other Crap

July 08, 2005 | Video
For not too long the fact that a DVD was a factory made DVD usually meant it was worth buying it. In a line of faulty DVD(R)s we bought we thought we'd give you a little warning through a short review of several titles we fell for.

SUN 10 DVD Box

We already reviewed the 10 DVD SUN box, ten DVDs with on each disc one of Elvis' early SUN recordings set to a slideshow. O.K. we must admit that we liked the slideshow since they took all the wallpapers from this site to make the slideshows. The DVDs appeared to be factory made DVDs once we received the box.

Rock And Roll Legend

Another strange release is the DVD "Elvis Rock And Roll Legend". This DVD with a fifties cover contains the 1968 Comeback Special. We wonder why the producers of this disc, which makes the rounds on eBay for a few dollar cents, decided to make this release. A year ago we got a splendid 3 DVD box set in superb audio and video quality and now this landed on our doormat. Upon opening it we discovered this was one of those printable DVDs, so very homemade. This version of the Comeback Special appears to be taken from a movie screen. The one fun thing is it starts with a Singer logo.

Vital Vegas

Reading news on the release of this DVD we were looking forward to finding a copy since it contained recordings of one of Elvis best periods in Vegas. "That's The Way it Is" and "The Lost Performances" are the best proof of this. And that is exactly what you get, an extract of both. But audio and video wise this release can't compete with the official releases of "That's The Way it Is (SE)" and the bootleg DVD "The Lost Performances" which was made from a laserdisc. This DVD was a real DVD but has been around for some time as Video CD.

Other DVDs you may want to skip are "Elvis On Stage" and "Elvis On The Screen" (also in our DVD review section) compilations. These too are compiled from various low quality (Video CD) sources.


Be careful what you buy on the World Wide Web. You can find many interesting things on-line, but also a lot of crap, so make sure you read up on the reviews on the various Elvis sites and message boards before falling for a certain release.

If you have additional titles you want to warn fellow fans about, just add a reaction to this review.
pacer1965 wrote on July 09, 2005
Thanks Elvisnews for that info. I was thinking about buying Vital Vegas. Now I will not be bothering.
Steve Grayson wrote on July 22, 2005
thanx for letting me know. I was planning to get these for my collection. thanx so much for advice.