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Live From The USA

June 23, 2005 | Music
Here is the cover art of the fifth Dutch EFE fan club promo "Live From the US" released last weekend. The CD focusses on Elvis The Concert.

Track listing:

Elvis Live From The USA
EFE promo, Vol. 5

I’m very happy to be here

The Concert Segments:
Elvis talks about his first movie
Elvis introduces Sweet Sweet Spirit
Band introductions
Turn up the house lights
We love to sing for you

The Concert 1997:
Welcome from host George Klein
George Klein talks
Band introductions
Sound mistake „Suspicious Minds“
Special thanks from Priscilla & Lisa Marie

Band Introductions:
Las Vegas February 1970
Hampton Roads 1972
Memphis 1974

Special Bonus:
Elvis walk and talks
And I’m Never Gonna See My Wonderland
Elvis talks about his gospel roots
Good show
Source:Elvis Unlimited
Tony D. wrote on June 24, 2005
Why, oh why, do they KEEP on listing that very short song from "Elvis on tour" as "And I'm never gonna see my wonderland", when the song is actually "I'm never gonna cease my wondering"??!! This really bugs me!!
drghanem1 wrote on June 26, 2005
The song is titled Wanderin´, and so the line in the movie is "and I never gonna cease my wanderin´". It´s VERY SAD that fans/producers can´t get the story straight. What is a wonderland anyway, doen´t make sense?!