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SUN 10 DVD Set

May 20, 2005 | Video
Released in the United Kingdom is a 10 DVD set with Elvis’ SUN recordings. Did enough footage to fill ten DVDs pop up?


The design is as to be expected, yellow and the old logo. On the middle an old picture with modern Photoshop effects. The discs themselves are copies of the SUN singles.


The box contains 10 DVDs, representing 10 SUN singles. The copyright on these songs expired in Europe so anyone can release these tracks. The discs are factory printed DVD-Rs.

All the discs contain one song and a video clip. The producers made it easy for themselves, they downloaded all the wallpapers from ElvisNews and made slideshows of it for each song. So what can we say … it is kind of a rip-off, but due to the use of our – and the wallpapers of those who contributed them to our site – we must say we liked what we saw :-).


Fun to watch (well for us) but not something really interesting, the content seventies wallpapers don’t match Elvis’ early SUN recordings. We would probably enjoy it more when all slideshows were pressed on one disc, saves us 9 trips from the couch to the DVD-player.
Way Up wrote on May 21, 2005
My God what is it ??? 10 homemade DVD-Rs with 10 songs and several wallpapers on it ??? It all can fit on one DVD-R only but even in this case it's a nonsense and waste of money.
Teddy Boy wrote on May 28, 2005