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Show Time At The International

April 20, 2005 | Music
Released by the International label is the CD “Showtime At The International”. This CD contains the same concert as the "Trying To Get To Memphis" which was released a few weeks back.


The designs of this CD is very simple; just a picture of Elvis and the title in a plain windows font on the front. On the back of the booklet (which contains zero information) a variety of images of both Elvis and The international Hotel.


For an audience recording this recording of Elvis’ August 11, 1971 Dinner Show sounds better than a series of soundboards we heard recently. Elvis’ voice could be up front a bit more, but the audio quality is far better than we expected when we saw the simple design. We were expecting another throw-a-way release, produced only for the quick buck. The CD sounds better than the "Trying To Get To Memphis" CD, it has more volume.

After the “International Hotel” opening, very original, we get Elvis’ 2001 opening theme. Straight from the start we get Elvis in good shape, mood and voice. And the crowd reacts the same way. The satisfied "Hmmm” from a woman near the microphone when James Burton plays the first notes of “Johnny B Goode” illustrate this very well.

Elvis sure has fun on stage, messing up “It’s Impossible” but in a very enjoyable way, contrary to the Elvis of a few years later. He clearly was in a good mood and still interested in doing a good show; all songs, including all the standards, are delivered with that extra spunk he still had in those days. The original reviews printed in "The Concert Years" are not this positive, but we don't understand why. Or the reviewer must see a big difference with the previous performances of our man a year back, when evertone was still in shock over the King's blazing return to the stage.


We have been positive enough about this release in the lines above. From the flood wave of import releases this is one of the few you should take home when you see it coming by.
Jim Semple wrote on April 20, 2005
Where can I purchase this ?
Tony C wrote on April 20, 2005
Jim, I got mine on the worlds most famous auction website. Hopefully you can pick up a copy there, it's worth getting. The sound is pretty good more an audience recording, and the show is very enjoyable.
johngael wrote on April 20, 2005
Isn't this the same show as presented in Trying to get To Memphis? The dates look to be the same on both shows. If so, the packaging on Tryin to get To Memphis is great. Sound quality is great too for a Vegas show recorded from the audience.
asd123 wrote on April 20, 2005
It is the same show as on Trying to get to memphis. But which release is the better one?
see see rider wrote on April 21, 2005
great photo, but this is the same picture on the album cover for "elvis sings hits from his movies vol.1.
the colonel wrote on April 22, 2005
I have heard the reel to reel apex tape of this some 9 years ago . This was the true SOUNBOARD at the time and it was crisp and clear, certainly not as dismal as these releases it was to also feature the 71 phone conversation with ron petrefesco and E.P. I have photos of this show and ELVIS is battling the eye infection that he had that season.