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Essential Elvis Interviews

April 17, 2005 | Book
Released by the Essential Elvis fan club from the UK is their first publication; a collection of interviews spanning a selection from the first ten years of interviews by the fan club.


As we have come to expect from Essential Elvis this release looks well designed. An attractive picture of our man graces the cover. The book itself looks a bit like a fan club magazine with the two column lay out and use of pictures (from both Essential Elvis and the Russ Howe collection). Inside we get some great images, most of them matching the interviewees of course. We had hoped for some color images inside, but all images are black and white.


As stated on the cover, the book is a collection of interviews selected from the first ten years of Essential Elvis magazine. Just browsing the names in the contents page show that Andrew Hearn and his team have been very busy the last ten years and have spoken to a lot of persons that matter in the Elvis world.

Just look at the names of both appreciated and less appreciated, even “condemned”, people like George Nichopoulos (Dr. Nic) and you can only conclude that this must guarantee an interesting read: Julie Parish – Mike Stoller – Sir Jimmy Saville – Jennifer Holden – Lamar Fike – Tamara Beckwith – Al Dvorin – Francine York – Harry Hill – Deborah Walley – Rick Schmidlin – Sonny West – Lionel Houston – Anita Wood – Marc Bennerman – Linda Thompson – Barbara Leigh – Wink Martindale – Marsha Alverson – Pat Priest – Eamonn Holmes – Ginger & Rosemary Alden – Joan Blackman – David Stanley – Larry Geller – Jeanne Lemay – George Nichopoulos – Sherry Williams – Susanna Leigh – Susan Henning – Bill Belew and Glen D. Hardin.


A great release, simply because of the collection of names and various stories they tell about the man whose work we all appreciate so much. In contrary to books by or about one person from Elvis’ entourage or circle of friends this collection of persons gives you a more varity to read. So yes, this is an essential release.
Paul Sweeney wrote on April 25, 2005
I sat down and read this book from cover to cover in a day - it's nice to have these interviews in one place, and I'm sure that Andrew and the gang at Essential Elvis will continue to bring us more rare first time interviews in upcoming issues of Essential Elvis that may one day make it into Essential Elvis Interviews Vol. 2... I highly recommend this book.