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Memphis Boys In Denmark

April 15, 2005 | Other
Last weekend the editorial team of ElvisNews went to Denmark to visit the beautiful capital Copenhagen. Not coincidentally there was an Elvis related concert, organized by our very active friends of Elvis Unlimited.

The “Memphis Boys” – the house band of the American Sound Studio – which played on Elvis’ famous 1969 sessions. We were lucky to see them already on Elvis’ birthday party in Memphis earlier this year. What we saw and heard back then forced us to do this long trip to Denmark. And we were not disappointed. The band sounded as strong as in Memphis, both in 2005 and 1969.

The show started with the Sweet Inspirations, who recorded their “anthem” Sweet Inspiration with the same band. After three songs by these ladies, the “Elvis part” started, and of course the Sweets stayed for the back ups.

The vocalists changed a bit: Maarten the Dutch singer that did some great renditions in Memphis had to pass because of his own recording career. He was replaced by Steen Jørgensen, who was also present during a previous EU-event “Aloha From Randers”. Steen did one of the highlights of the show, a beautiful duet with a nice blonde lady, Dicte, from Denmark. Bobo Moreno and Stephen Ackles were as good as they were in Memphis. Another singer Stig Rossen – who must be a Great Dane, according to the reactions of the audience when he came up – had a good voice, but lacked some charisma. Talking about the audience, that was something different to what we are used to in Denmark. They were pretty quiet overall, probably because it was a very mixed public and not the audience of a real Elvis convention. During the final of the show – of course “Suspicious Minds” – good example did good following and a couple of dozen fans were having a real party in front of the stage. Especially when the band came back for an encore starting "Suspicious Minds" acapella with the band and the audience joining in.

After the show the band and Sweets did an autograph session. Of course we had to get them (again) and for that goal we got ourselves a copy of one of the latest Elvis Unlimited releases “The Memphis Boys”. This is a CD recorded by the band back in 1990 and is now re-released. It is a nice easy listening CD which shows the class of these musicians. It goes from country to blues and swamp rock like music. Unfortunately the cover (which has a nice drawing) lacks essential information like the authors of the songs… but it has the autographs of the musicians now.