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Chinese Five DVD Box

March 20, 2005 | Video
Thanks to the world wide web and eBay we picked up a copy of this Chinese five DVD box containing Elvis' essential concert movies.


Just like most releases from the far east this DVD set looks great. Although not always using the proper images, e.g. a fifties television appearance shot, the oriental designers do come up with some original ideas. The "standard" "Aloha From Hawaii" set had some glitters, but this one has that too, they look like moving snow crystals, very nice.

The box comes in a cardboard sleeve with a big box inside that holds five discs. The discs come in five protecting envelopes. The discs itself have a different print from the ones we already have from Europe / US and Hong Kong.


The idea behind this set is great, you get the newly remastered "Aloha From Hawaii" (two discs), "Comeback Special" (two discs) and the Special Edition of "Elvis That's The Way It Is" (one disc). The set is complete for one disc with production numbers for the 1968 special. The content of these discs is probably known by heart by all of you, so we'll skip this.

Looking at the content this could very well be the ideal Elvis starting set. So is this the essential set to get? unfortunately not. The package is great, but as we all know, the real beauty must be found inside. Putting the disc in our player we get a familiar menu but unfortunately, the main video quality of the television specials is not good; it looks like a Video CD sometimes. You see a glow surrrounding people due to the lights and unfortunately the well known "blocks" from Video CDs. This really surprises us, since it is not that hard to copy a DVD in a good quality.


Great on the outside, but not so great on the inside... unfortunately.

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CD King wrote on March 23, 2005
This is NOT an Official release but a bootleg. The packing is good but the quality inside is indeed bad. Spend your money on the EPE version.