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A Date With Elvis (Promo CD)

January 22, 2005 | Music
Released in The Netherlands is the fourth volume in promotional CD series from the Elvis For Everyone fan club.


The design looks very good, but you can hardly go wrong with this classic picture. The typography follows the original LP design, so it all looks familiar. The one-page booklet contains no additional information on Elvis’ army days, just an advertisement of the previous three promo CDs.


The content on this CD is mainly “talking”, and a few excerpts of Elvis music. The CD starts with Elvis being sworn into the army. An interview with German fans on Elvis arrival in Germany is funny to hear, all these youngsters, eleven and thirteen years old, eagerly awaiting Elvis’ arrival. Most content on this CD isn’t new, but it is listed chronologically so you get a fair insight in Elvis’ army days. But you could already gotten this insight listening to Elvis Unlimited CD “Word For Word”.

The home recordings from Bad Nauheim are a nice break between the talking fragments, good to hear Elvis fooling around, if only shortly. The last two segments finish Elvis’ Army links; several interviews upon Elvis’ return to the States and Elvis introducing the father of the girl he met is Germany, Colonel Beaulieu (January 23, 1973). The CD ends with Elvis life story, as told by Elvis on stage in Las Vegas on August 23, 1969), a nice piece of history, although Elvis messes upa few of his own facts too, but nothing more that a filler on this CD, since there is only a short reference in it on his army days.


A nice themed collection, but nothing new for the collector. But who is to complain when you get it free at a fan club convention.
glennd wrote on January 29, 2005
I bought it yesterday. It´s a nice addition to a collection. TCB.