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Loving You (2005 Edition)

January 10, 2005 | Music
The last in the January 2005 series of three re-releases is the soundtrack of “Loving You”.


There is nothing new to the cover design of this re-release but the advertisement sticker on the front. On the inside they changed the design of the disc itself, it is no longer a picture of Elvis, but the "vinyl look" all re-releases have. The picture behind the disc is a nice one of Elvis in the studio; if only more of these were available. In the track listing the original songs and bonus songs are divided again.


We could be brief on the content too; no changes here but the remastering using the now “standard” DSD technology. To make this review not too short and to much the same as the previous remastered re-releases here are a few details from Kevan Budd, who did the remastering.

On the tapes: in many cases better generation tapes were used in the production of these new 2005 reissues compared to the older CD versions.

On the digital echo: this also means that the artificial stereo digital echo that was added to previous releases is now no longer there.

On the noise reduction: in addition no noise reduction methods were used which would otherwise damage the low level signal and general atmosphere/air of the original recordings.

On the dynamics: the full dynamic range of all tapes was kept intact as was the full length of each song, allowing fans to get closer to the true sound of the original master tapes.

The previous remastering of these releases was already good, but on the slow tracks like “True Love” and “Have I Told You Lately” you can hear the changes to the sound. The songs sound more “crisp” and seem to have more volume. There is a nice change in the alternate version of “I Beg Of You”; you can hear that the echo is gone.

As for the price of these re-releases; Ernst Jorgensen recently said in ICE magazine: "RCA/BMG Heritage has January slated for reissues of Elvis Presley’s first three albums, Elvis, Elvis Presley and Loving You, which spent a combined total of nearly half a year at the top of Billboard’s album chart (25 weeks combined at #1). They won’t differ from their previous CD incarnations, which carried several bonus tracks each; but they will have newly mastered sound, using DSD technology, and a dramatically reduced price from $17.98 to $11.98. "Fifty-year-old albums at full price doesn’t work anymore,".


Just like the re-release in this series this one is another contribution to keep Elvis music up-to-date with today’s audio standards for the casual buyer. The fan has to decide for him or herself if the copy of Elvis’ second album they already own (several times) needs an audio upgrade … again.

As with the previous releases, several more bonus tracks to fill out the CD completely would have been nice, or will we get an extended release on the “Follow That Dream” label?

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mrstats wrote on January 16, 2005
I do not have the original CD to compare it against, but all three of Kevan Budd's remasters sound amazing! LOVING YOU is no exception. I only hope that Kevan Budd or Vic Anesini will remaster all the original Elvis albums. The last few years have netted great sonic improvements in the Elvis catalog. Some of these include: CLOSE UP, ULTIMATE GOSPEL, ELVIS 56, ELVIS AT SUN, and now these three by Kevan Budd. Please keep up the great remastering work with Elvis music!
Cruiser621 wrote on January 21, 2005
Once a fish, always a fish. Not really! I purchased all 3 again last night. The difference in sound quality is evident in certain songs; in certain others, not. So far, the second album ELVIS is the one to buy. The difference in sound is remarkable, especially on the slower songs like First In Line, Love Me, Anyway You Want Me and of course, Love Me Tender for starters. On the Loving You CD, the song True Love and Tell Me Why really shine as to the remastered sound. If you can get these for under $10.00, which I was able to do, it is well worth the reinvestment. This is probably my third set on CD of all three of these albums. It's amazing how technology can improve the past... in this case, the first sounds of rock 'n roll 1956 and 1957 by a guy named Elvis.
Greg Nolan wrote on February 16, 2005
I agree, gents: these 2005 reissues are well-worth picking up, if you can swing it. Budget-minded fans may want to wait for them to turn up cheaper, but I gladly am trading away my '99 versions. (I never did have the '99 "Loving You", though, just the fifties box and the original Lp.) Terrific reissue projects like this - and not repetitive compilations like "Love, Elvis" - are to be supported by real Elvis fans.
Sandman wrote on February 01, 2010
His second movie and a pretty decent soundtrack.