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Christmas Peace – Special Edition

January 02, 2005 | Music
One week after Christmas we finally tracked down a copy of the special edition of Christmas Peace. Is it worth getting (after Christmas)?


When the design of the previous version of this CD was released everyone loved the cover. This special digi pack version only adds to that; it is like opening a book.

The designs is the same as the booklet from the original jewel case, with one difference, the small covers of Elvis’ Christmas releases are now presented as bigger images to illustrate the old liner notes. The CDs go into slides at the inside of the front and back cover.


The content of this CD is also the same as the original release of this CD. Twenty Christmas and twenty Gospel recordings on two discs. The tracks are remastered using the now standard DSD-technology, so the sound is good.


This release is the second special Christmas release. A lot of fans have the “If Every Day Was Like Christmas” box which folds out as the Graceland Mansion, you can now add another good looking set to it. Unfortunately there is nothing new too it.

BMG released several deluxe editions of various albums, but always a year after the original release. It can be a way to put a title back in the spotlights, but it isn’t good for the (avid) fans who probably bought the first when version when it came out … and they are now in doubt to get the same title in a deluxe version. It would be great for the fans if BMG would release both the standard and the deluxe version at the same time, that way the fan can decide which version to buy.

Anyone want to buy a Christmas Peace CD (jewelcase)?

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Rusty wrote on January 14, 2005
I think we are coming to the end of the era where fans will buy anything Elvis I think the fans are now wise to things like deluxe versions a year after release and four generations of re-masters etc I think in the future fans are going to learn to sit and wait because they now know that something better will be around the corner, take the current re-issue frenzy when this is all over BMG will issue full complete box sets OK they will not be numbered because they will not be part of the linited edition program but who cares the fans will have the wonderful looking set without the hassle, the numbers are only a tool for the black market dealers to tempt people, in the long term these numbers will mean nothing, as I said before sit and wait.