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American Music Legends

December 15, 2004 | Music
The Cracker barrel Old Country Store chain released an Elvis CD in their “American Music Legends” series.


The look of this CD is very patriotic. The American flag, and the use of stars give it that all American look. The use of good shots of Elvis from the early stages of his career (from the Hayride and the filming of “Loving You”) can also be described as ‘legendary”, at least they can in the Elvis world. Besides a few lines on the idea behind the series (collection legendary music that “seems to break the mold. It takes everything we know about music and changes it all – making it completely new and timeless”) not a single word on Elvis and why he fits into this series. Or is that something that goes without saying?


With the ambition of the series in mind we wonder why this short, ten-track compilation, doesn’t start with “That’s All Right (Mama)”. If there was only one song in Elvis career that “changed the world”, it is that song.

But beside that critical note there isn’t that much to tell about this compilation. It is way to short, just over 28 minutes, to be really interesting. And unlike the Cracker Barrel Elvis Christmas CD, which was released after this one, there is no hidden collector’s track on this release. On the positive side we must say the track listing is a nice one, a lot of well known hits, unfortunately “Can’t Help Falling In Love” is included. Tracks as “Stuck On You”, “Suspicious Minds” and the closing song “My Way” (live) make up for that.


A nice collection with some legendary tracks, that casual buyers may pick up while shopping at the Cracker Barrel store, but nothing for the fans to get excited about.

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