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From The Other Side: Full TCB Band And Mondo Carne In Belgium

By Stans IJzendoorn , October 12, 2004 | Other
The TCB Band and Mondo Carne were in Mol Belgium on October 2nd. We already added our view on this remarkable event, but now you get it trough the eyes of a "member" of Mondo Carne.

On October 2, 2004 we went to Mol in Belgium again, to see the whole TCB band for the last time together. As an Elvis fan you had to see this show. But I am not only an Elvis fan but also the Dutch contact for the band Mondo Carne from England. Okay, back to the night in Mol. When we arrived the doors were already open and we went in and did get our tickets and asked one of the members of Elvismatters (the Belgium Elvis Fanclub) if the guys were already in the house. Yes they were and they had a soundcheck. We went to the soundcheck and had a short talk with the guys. Then we had to wait till show started. The beginning was good. You have to know that Jenson had a throat infection and two days before the show he was not able to talk. But he gave, as always, everything he got. The sound was not to good in the beginning but after two songs it was. The audience responded very good to the performance the TCB band and Mondo Carne put on stageā€¦ but then Glen D. piano broke down. I must say that Jenson and the other guys picked it up very good and we had a comedian (Jenson) on stage to fill the time until the piano was working again. The show went on and the audience was pleased when I was looking around. I always look around to see how the people respond to the show. And it was good. After the brake John Wilkinson came on the stage. My respect for Mr. Wilkinson because a few years ago he had an stroke but he was on stage and the songs he sung and the talks he did were great. Then Jenson came back on the stage and finished the show, which turned out to be great . Both the TCB Band and Mondo Carne were great as always. The organization of Elvismatters was good .

Mondo Carne plays now for more then 11 years with the members of the Elvis band. Mondo Carne is a 6 piece band with Jenson Bloomer (Leadsinger), Tony Smith (Lead Guitar), John Hodgetts (Keyboard), Paul Burchell (Bass), Tim Welding (Drums) and Mark Overton (PA and drums).
They also play their own music (Duranie Pop) and the band is a tribute band for Duran Duran. If you want more information about Mondo Carne or if you want to book them please go to their website and ask every question you have and the webmaster or I will answer them all.