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The Elvis Presley Story

September 29, 2004 | Video
Announced as “The Most Amazing Insight Yet”. Well, we’ll be the judge of that.


The cover of this Australian release does not look very promising, a badly cut and printed image of Elvis. Five minutes of Photoshop could have changed this, so why didn’t the producers make the effort?

The navigation is easy, there is just one option: “play”.


Looking at the content it is clear why they didn’t make the effort, this release is just a digital transfer of an almost fifteen year old documentary. Just as many of these documentary releases it is the same story with the same images and television and movie trailer footage.

The producers did pick a fitting documentary to release in this rush way: the narrator reads his text too fast, so it is hard to understand it all. Was he in a hurry too?

The documentary itself is o.k., nothing special, but we have seen this set-up and content before, and we are almost sure we have seen this documentary itself before, but this release is not worth making the effort looking it up.


The conclusion is simple, skip this one. It is rumored EPE is working on a definitive DVD on Elvis, that one will probably tell the story the way it should be. And yes, it will most probably be a few years before it will be out, but skipping this one you’ll miss nothing.

We like to thank Elvis Australia for sending us the DVD so we could review it.