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That’s All Right – The Best Of Hits

September 19, 2004 | Music
Another compilation from the Far East in HDCD format, is it “All Right”?


Again a good looking design. The jewel case is wrapped in a five panel cardboard sleeve, which contains all the info you usually find inside a booklet. As with other CDs from this region, the setup of the design is great, but on details the designer is sloppy. Like on the use of images, why not cut it out decently and make sure the black of the image is the same black as the background on which it is used. The same goes for the typos (“Hand Headed Woman”, Big Hank O’love”, “It’s Now Or Nevert” or “Are You Lonessome Tonight” or the use of Caps in “A Fool Such AS I” or the missing “ ’ ”.

The discs are gold, and have the cover of the "Collectors Gold" box set printed on them.


The compilation by itself is good. All well known tracks in a good quality. There could have been a bit more balance in the selection of songs to do Elvis entire catalogue of 23 years a bit more justice, the seventies are present, but several great songs could have replaced one or two too familiar standards from other eras.

As for the audio quality, that is perfect, as claimed on the slipcase. These HDCDs also sound great on a non HDCD player, but you can’t compare it to the releases remastered with the DSD technology, they do sound better (on a normal CD player). And if the tracks are really remastered for this special HDCD format … Ernst Jorgensen said he wasn’t aware of Elvis releases on this format.


We can only say it is “just another compilation from the Far East” but in a beautiful package. If only the producers would pay a bit more attention to the details ...

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