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The Legend Lives On

July 19, 2004 | Video
This is about the 100th Elvis DVD out there, and probably half of theose are documentatries which makes it harder to watch it, and review it … seen it all, or haven’t we?


A very standard, but good looking image of Elvis on both the front and back, nothing special, but probably appealing to the casual buyer. The track listing on the back is incomplete unfortunately, the menu on the DVD is basic, with an impersonator singing attribute as background music … why they used one of those if you can also use the original Elvis beats us …


This DVD is somewhat different from other releases. The producers took several songs of which no singing footage is available, like “My Baby Left Me", "Trying To Get To You" and “Blue Moon” and made their own clips with photos and footage. Nothing new in the images, but songs we haven’t seen on a release like this. Also featured is "Treat Me Nice" from Jailhouse Rock. We wonder how they got away with it.

Besides Elvis, we also get several tributes by artist like Tom Jones, Bill Haley (very early footage!), Little Richard and Carl Perkins. This footage probably wasn’t recorded as a tribute; they simply perform their own songs which were made (more) famous by Elvis. Unfortunately, the producers added an impersonator too.


The usual footage, presented as a concert, but due to some original songs with simple video clips and performances by other rock and roll giants, one of the more interesting live collection DVDs.