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Saw Elvis On The Big Screen

By H, July 21, 2004 | Other
Recently we did a review of the theatrical screening of the 1968 Comeback Special, this time another classic, "Viva Las Vegas" featuring Elvis and the ever charming Ann Margret, was brought to the big screen. The review is written by "H" and originally posted on the Alt Elvis King newsgroup.

Saw the special screening of "Viva Las Vegas" last week and it was really cool. It was a outdoor screening on the Lakefront. There was a good turnout of all ages and everyone enjoyed themselves.
There was a trivia contest before they showed it as well. When Elvis first appeared there were whistles and shouts from the women.

The movie got a lot of laughs. Some intentional and some not. The bad dialogue and some of Ann's overacting and dance moves got most of the laughs. As well as Elvis and Ann waving at each other while waterskiing.

The best reactions came from the musical numbers. After the "C,mon Everybody" and "What Did I Say" numbers the crowd applauded and there was big applause after the movie ended. It was a lot of fun.
Thankfully there weren't any fans with their hair done like Elvis or Assclowns there to make fools of themselves. Just normal people.

I wish more of Elvis' movies would get shown on the big screen like this. They always get a good crowd when they do.
King Of Western Bop wrote on July 21, 2004
Rather irritated with the comment "there weren't any fans with their hair done like Elvis....just normal people". So if you wear your hair in an Elvis style quiff (as I do) you aren't normal? I dress '50s style because I enjoy doing so, and I'm as normal as the next person. If they meant those who walk around in a jumpsuit thinking they're Elvis reincarnated then I can understand the comment. At least I dress with style and have a neat, well trimmed haircut. And I don't expect to be treated as abnormal because I wish to dress in a certain period of dress. Normal people indeed! I wonder how many of these "normal people" were actually Elvis fans - or were they there simply to poke fun at the film? The laughter may have been that of derision from some quarters. At least I can stand up and say I am an Elvis fan!
King Of Western Bop wrote on July 28, 2004
Macuser - First of all I don't regard dressing in smart '50s style clothing as being "goofy looking" thank you very much. It may surprise you to know that many people decide to dress in 1950's clothing because for them it is a lifestyle choice they have made, and isn't just a costume we dress up in to attend Elvis events, etc. Punk Rock was around in the 1970's but there are still many die-hard punks still dressing the way they did and listening to the same music, simply because it is part of who they are. The same goes for my choice of dress. Just because those of us who decide to dress this way aren't widely visible to you and others doesn't mean we aren't out there. I could take you to many Rock & Roll festivals, venues across England, etc, where there are thousands of people who still dress 1950's style - not just for the occasion but because that is the way they dress anyway. People do not have a low opinion of Elvis because of those fans who dress in 1950's dress, but because of the morons who think they're the second coming of Elvis - dressed in a badly made sequin-covered jumpsuit, talking with what they think is a perfect southern drawl through a curled lip. If the media are in attendance it is those fools they interview, not those of us in 1950's dress. Blame the jumpsuited brigade for the jaded image that Elvis fans have, not us. I dress in '50s style clothing because it is a way of life to me. I don't walk around thinking I'm a 1950's Elvis clone. It may also surprise you to know that not everyone who dresses in '50s clothing is an Elvis fan. I disagree with them and I am an Elvis fan. For those of us who love the 1950's it is hard to explain it to you people who don't understand our love for the whole ethos of the 1950's - the music, clothing and yes, even the morality of the period in question. It's an era that was, like the present day, far from perfect, but it holds a magic for those of us who love it. To paraphrase Loius Armstrong when he was asked to explain Jazz: "If you have to ask for an explanation then you'll never understand it anyway".
elvishimselvis wrote on July 28, 2004
I saw Jailhouse Rock on the big screen Last year in August. I live in California. I had seen the movie about 20 times before on TV. It was on one night only. It was so much different seeing it in a theater. With an live audience behind and in front of you. They need to release a good Elvis movie in the big theater nationwide. They have done it with other older movies. and they were successful. I trully believe alot of people would go. Maybe a movie like Spin Out. Or It happened at the Worlds fair. that one would be a big hit with Kids. 4-10 years old. Alot of parents would take their kids. But this probably wont happen. Just a dream.
pacer1965 wrote on July 29, 2004
I would love to see Viva las vegas on the big screen unfortunetly i dont think i will ever get the chance. A few years ago i was lucky enough to see G I blues and Blue Hawaii on the big screen which i enjoyed very much. And i dont find anything wrong with anybody wearing 1950s style clothes. You dont have to be an Elvis fan to wear 1950s clothes anyway. Theres loads of Rock n roll bands out there now. The only people what bother me are the ones that wear the jumpsuits some of them look terrible. There is only one man who looked good in a jumpsuit and that was the king.
pacer1965 wrote on July 30, 2004
You cannot put all the blame on Elvis for the films he done. Some of the fans are also to blame for going to see them when they first came out at the cinema. We all know that in the 1960s the musicals made more money at the box office than a film like Flaming star did. It makes you wonder what Elvis thought when Blue hawaii was more successful than Flaming star he must have been very upset about it. So he keeps making the same old movies because he thinks thats what the fans want.
pacer1965 wrote on August 06, 2004
I am sorry but i will have to disagree about what you said about Elvis' voice in Viva las vegas. Cary grant was just as good in a dramatic role as he was at comedy. Michael caines a great actor but his voice is not that great either. I have not really thought about someones speaking voice when i am watching a film before.
macuser wrote on July 28, 2004
Don't get so easily of your horse.The TS was referring to the fact that those fans,despite if they are normal or not, are the major cause of Elvis being ridiculed or neglected by the mass audience when something new of him arrives. That may sound strange but that is the fact.I know that the die-hard fans who dress-up or whatever mean wel about Elvis cause of the love but you've got to understand that if you are an outsider of a special group of fans and you like the artist/group they support you always hestitate to join/blend in cause....you are an outsider and you might not blend in cause of your own clothes, behaviour or whatever. What do most folks do then? They stay away cause they don't wanna be associated with in their eyes goofy looking fans. May sound strange but that is for most the main reason Elvis fans,impersonators etc are often not taken to serious cause of their devotion and sometimes way thet dress up and carry Elvis as a person.
DannyB wrote on July 29, 2004
Spinout being a big hit on the movie-screen if re-released? Come on, give me a break!! No matter how much the fans might like that movie, you have to go with movies like Loving You, Jailhouse Rock and Blue Hawaii. Yeah, I've seen them a thousand times, but thats what you have to put up if you want the general public to go see an Elvis-movie. However, Elvis-movies are generally being laughed at, and we have no one to thank but Elvis (and the Colonel) for that...
dailyone wrote on August 06, 2004
this was elvis's best film by a mile. if you listen carefully you will hear elvis's sqeecky voice. the voice a great singer but a voice for film was not strong enough and that is why he wouldnt have been a dramatic actor but he would have been a great comedy actor similar to cary grant. watch the film and look out for cameo roles by; vernon presley, red west, diamond joe, tom parker and tom diskin. is it them? also look at elvis's boots and you will see that he had bigger soles and an instep that made him look taller during the song cmon everybody. what happened to the cap when he was riding the helecopter whilst going over the lake and dam. look at the photo of elvis at graceland in 1964. playing the bass and you will see the same prominent boots.