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McFarlane Music - Elvis 68 Comeback Special Statue

By Paul Nomad From Action Figure, June 12, 2004 | Other
There have been many items made in the likeness of Elvis Presley, including dolls, statues and one time or another, little plastic Elvis. Oddly, he had never been taken on by one of the companies we know could do him justice. Now, McFarlane steps in. With a crew like that on the project, I expect nothing short of perfection..and I'm not dissapointed. This is THE BEST Elvis likeness ever done.

Elvis 68 Comeback Special come ready to rock, packed with all the accessories you'll need to complete a vision of a specific time in history. You get a chair, guitar, mike stand, stage, Elvis sign and a clear post to stand it on. The stage itself has been given a plastic top to create a reflective shine. The chair, mike stand and Elvis peg into the stage fairly firmly. The only piece that moved later was the mike stand and I'd nudged it. His guitar slides into his left hand and sits against his right thigh. Even with no pegs, this seems to work well.

Elvis is articulated with a neck swivel, shoulder swivels, swivels at the jacket cuffs and a waist swivel. This is NOT AN ACTION FIGURE, nor was it meant to be. No karate kicking action. No three fried bananna sandwich eating action. This is meant to be a piece for your shelf or proudly displayed at work to the oo's and ahh's of co-workers. In this instance, there should be no gripes about a super articulated Elvis. Does he really need super soldier attack action?

The sculpt here is solid, as we expect from the McFarlane crew. We've got high standards when it comes to them! Every wrinkle, stitch and pocket is painstakingly replicated in that black outfit. Skin seems smooth and there are no visible lines. The guitar alone is a piece of art, with so much character, it's practically a figure within itself.

The paints used on Elvis amplify the realism. You'll find a matte base for the skin, a very slight sheen to the black outfit and a medium sheen on his boots. Speaking of kicks, take a look at the visible portion of the heel of those boots. You'll find the wear you'd expect from a guy known for dancing all over the place, wheather it be at the races, on the beach or at the club. He may not be a Marvel Legend, but this Elvis looks like he's ready to take that stage apart.
circleG wrote on June 28, 2004
over overdue! well done Todd Mcfarlane on grabbing such a lucrative contract! A wise move indeed as i'm sure these are bound to appeal - i have my order placed already! The possibilities are endless. 'Comeback Special','Aloha',The Movies. They would all look great next to one another on my shelf. Now, if only someone can get a lip-curling, hip-swivelling karate chopping Elvis action toy out there i'll be a happy man!