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Some FTD Top 15 Background Information

January 01, 2004 | Other
Early 2003 we started the FTD Top 15 together with "For Elvis CD Collectors" and "Followthatdream.com." Nearly 800 fans voted for their favourite FTD’s so far.

Soon it became clear that the most appreciated FTD’s are those with a lot of completely new material (read: not (often) bootlegged). Especially “The Jungle Room Sessions”, but also “Nashville Marathon” got many votes and are quite far ahead of the remaining FTD-releases. Only the always popular recordings of the “Memphis Sessions” can follow in their footsteps.

Of all the live releases, over a third of the CD’s on the FTD label so far, only the two “early” shows “One Night In Vegas” (1970) and “Elvis At The International” (1969) have top positions. Having all this in mind it is remarkable that an often bootlegged live show, “New Year’s Eve”, is the only release of 2003 that entered the top 15 so far.

Another remarkable thing is the diversity of taste. Even if we count only each voter’s most favourite FTD we still get a list of 28 titles, against 29 out of 31 now, having the 31st FTD “So High” just released. But nearly 25% of the voters have the same #1… indeed “The Jungle Room Sessions”. The top 5 wouldn’t change much if only the #1’s were counted: only “One Night In Vegas” and “Fame And Fortune” would move one place up.

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