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200 Cadillacs

December 15, 2003 | Video

Elvis gave away homes, horses, rings and … 200 cadillacs, trying to help people out or just saying “thank you” his way. 


The main color in this design is pink, probably a reference to the classic pink Cadillac most people associate with Elvis. The menu of the DVD is simple, you can select the different chapters, the disc has no extra features. 


The documentary starts of with Linda Thompson and a few of the Memphis Mafia members talking about Elvis telling their relation with him. New in this documentary are appearances by Myrna Smith from the Sweet Inspirations and Kang Rhee and Gordon Stoker which we do not see that often in an Elvis related documentary. Of course some happy Cadillac salesmen are interviewed too. The story line deals with Elvis habit of giving things away, with the Cadillacs as the most well known example. Giving away cars was a habit Elvis got into very early in his career, besides cars for his parents from his first royalty-checks he also gave Mr. Lansky a German Messerschmitt three-wheel car. Other recipients were parents (his own, his girlfriend’s and parents from his entourage), the girlfriends themselves, members of his entourage and his band, friends, nurses, policemen and some times strangers on the street. Besides cars he gave away a lot more; money, jewelry, watches, pets (dogs and horses), clothing, houses and motors. The counter stands around 200 cars. Elvis derived more pleasure from giving than taking. Of course this was taken advantage of by some people, but somehow Elvis did not seem to mind and enjoyed the reaction from people who (unexpectedly) got a present from him. In most of the cases the gifts changed the lives of total strangers (people asking for their autograph as it is for some the closest thing to get to Elvis) or helped them out in difficult times. Besides the cars that gained a lot of publicity sometimes we must not forget that most of Elvis charitable donations were done silently. In between the stories we get a lot of good images of Elvis, some very original images from the early fifties and Elvis in his cars and Elvis in the seventies shopping at night (with a flashlight) buying Myrna a baby blue El Dorado. A lot of the candid images come from Sandi Miller and were published before in the BTI-book. The interviewees also showed a lot of personal images, probably shown for the first time here. The movie comes with its own soundtrack, songs especially written for the documentary and matching the theme of the story. Each chapter has its own song. 


One of the songs on the soundtrack says it well: “How about some credit where the credit is due”; not only the “legendary” story of Elvis just giving away cars, but the reason behind it, trying to help people out or just saying “thank you” his way, not only giving material things, but most of all giving help, friendship and love. This DVD is one of the best documentaries released lately, putting the record straight on the man and the Cadillac myth.

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Steve Grayson wrote on January 02, 2004
its great to know that title will be released very soon. i would definately buy this when its out. thinking about the release on dvd , it would be very interested to see what Linda and the rest of the participants who tell us about Elvis, portray the greatest entertainer in the world. Think about it- How many entertainers in todays music donates a lot of cash , on a concert or anything they do in their profession. I personally cannot thinkof any.-can u. Well Elvis did a show on Jan. 14. 1973 and all the proceeds from that show , went to the Kui- Lee Cancer Fund.- Elvis raised 5ooo us dollars from the ticket sales on that show and he donated a lot of cash from his own pocket for that show. It was watched on tv worldwide by over 1 billion people. Having been an ELVIS fan , for over many years now, I welcome this release.
gribz wrote on December 16, 2003
When can I see it, or how can I get it? I live in N.Y, U.S.A
200cadillacs wrote on December 17, 2003
You'll be able to get '200 Cadillacs' online at Amazon and several other web sites. (You can even preorder). Or maybe win a copy on the official site, click on the link. Also, in stores on Jan 6th - Borders, Best Buy, Tower, Virgin, etc. Thanks for asking. Hope you enjoy both the DVD and the soundtrack!
LuckyJackson wrote on August 13, 2004
This is a great insight into the generousity of the King! My young nephew even enjoys the 200 Cadillac theme song!Elvis certainly was an exceptional humanitarian...
Mandy wrote on February 10, 2005
Elvis had a heart of gold this cd is great.Im greatfull that we got his fantastic voice to listen to and his looks to admire he was fantastic.
Elvisy wrote on October 10, 2006
I've seen this DVD and I must say its really wonderful! A must for anyone espicially an Elvis fan! Great viewing and wonderful picture clarity. Get it! Its actually a tribute paid to The King so richly deserved. Who can beat the generousty Elvis had. He looks great in it.