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Welcome Home Elvis

October 29, 2003 | Video
Released recently is the second DVD release of the Frank Sinatra “Welcome Home Elvis”. We'll compare it to the first DVD release of this show by JAT productions.


The design is very poor, it looks like a color copy of a real release, we really can’t add much to it. The navigation menu is o.k.


The DVD contains the “Welcome Home Elvis” edition of the Frank Sinatra Timex show. With this show Frank Sinatra welcomed Elvis back home to the United States after his army discharge. The show was recorded May 12 1960, but just like the recently released DVD with the Milton Berle Show, this DVD shows a typical fifties television show. It paints a nice picture of an amusement show in which various artists do their tricks. In this show we see, besides the host, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Nancy Sinatra and of course Elvis. He performs “Fame And Forune” “Stuck On You” and of course the duet with Frank Sinatra “Love me tender – Witchcraft”.

The image quality of this release is much better than the Tunzi release of this show. The image is more clear and there is less “dirt” on the image. But remember, this is only a black and white copy of the original screening.

The bonus material drops right into a short documentary with some bad cutting. Also added are short biographies and discographies of Elvis, Lisa Marie and Priscilla as well as the other participants of the "Welcome Home Show".


Since the JAT release of this show is very hard to get this is a nice chance to buy a piece of history for your collection, but just like the first DVD release of this show, it is expensive.

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