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Charleston Rocks

October 19, 2003 | Music
In their continuous series Memory Records from the Czech Republic released a soundboard now: “Charleston Rocks”, containing the July 24, 1976 evening show and some bonus material. this concert was released before on the CD "Hurt" by the Sunset label in 1992.

Cover art

The cover, once again done by Geert Hof (webmaster of the late “Solid Gold Elvis”-site), is tasteful, at least as tasteful as can be with an Elvis in this shape. A nice lay-out with as only little minor the fact that (due to a lack of space) the descriptions of the bonus material are in a smaller font, without any paragraphing. Also it’s a pity that the proofreader had an off-day, since there is a major typo in the text. This text is pretty straight, not adding much to the CD, but honest. It describes the shape Elvis was in, the poor quality of the show and the lesser quality of the soundboard. Unfortunately one gets to read the text only after buying the CD, but we think hard core collectors will not care too much about these well known facts anyway.


It is a 1976 show, and not from the last week of December. That says it all, we think. We have heard worse, but this show gives not much listening pleasure, certainly not since it is a below average soundboard, regarding sound quality. Still Elvis is in a pretty good mood and the attempts at “See See Rider” and “I Got A Woman” promise something that never comes; soon the show drops to the average 1976 stuff.

Only “Hurt” (with, of course, a reprise) is worth to mention. Since the soundboard is incomplete the producers decided to add some bonuses. This bonus material – from different dates in 1976 - is more interesting for those that do not have the tracks elsewhere in their collection. Pretty irritating is that when you are dozing because of the dull main course, you got roughly awakened by the bonus tracks, since they are much louder. Still, 1976-rarities like “Return To Sender” and “I Just Can’t Help Believin’” give this CD some value.


Not a CD to buy whatever it takes, unless you are a hard core collector who really wants to own every concert (on CD).


2001 Theme / See See Rider / I Got A Woman – Amen / Love Me / If You Love me (Let Me Know) / You Gave Me A Mountain / All Shook Up / Teddy bear – Don’t Be Cruel) / And I Love You So / jailhouse Rock / Fever (Incomplete) / Electric Piano Solo / Love letters / School Day (Hail Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll Theme) / Hurt #1 / Hurt #2 / Hound Dog / Funny How Time Slips Away / Can’t Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp
Bonus songs:
Burning Love (Charlotte 20.03.1976 E/S) / Blue Suede Shoes (Greensboro 30.06.1976) / Softly As I Leave You (Memphis 05.07.1976) / Return To Sender (Hampton Roads 01.08.1976) / America The Beautiful (with reprise, Tuscaloosa 30.08.1976) / Until It's Time For You To Go (Johnson City 17.03.1976) / My Way (Lake Tahoe 07.05.1976 M/S) / Big Boss Man (Atlanta 06.06.1976) / Hurt #1 / Hurt #2 (Largo 27.06.1976 A/S) / I Just Can't Help Believin' (Las Vegas 02.12.1976 O/S).

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