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And Then I Wrote Songs For Elvis

September 06, 2003 | Music
A few weeks ago we mention the Don Roberson release "… and then I wrote songs for Elvis”. This release contains songs Don Robertson (co-)wrote for Elvis and the acetates Elvis listened to deciding to put the song on record (or not).


The package is a three panel digi-pack with 35 page booklet containing a lot of information on Don Roberson, his songwriting and his “slip-note” piano style, which according to the biography was made famous by Floyd Cramer. Reading his biography we found out a lot of details about the songwriter of whom Elvis recorded 14 songs. His "Please help Me I’m Falling” was chosen the #2 All Time Greatest Country Hit” by Billboard magazine. His work has been recorded by artist like Eddy Arnold, Solomon Burke, Bob Dylan, the Everly Brothers, Perry Como, Dean Martin Jim Reeves and country legends like Waylon Jennings and Tammy Wynette.

The booklet features of course several images of Elvis and music sheets from Don Roberson with Elvis on the cover.


This release is like a memory lane strip, hearing a lot of tunes remembering me of the music I heard growing up. Relaxed music which many “crooners” and “decent” recording artist like Dean Martin and Bing Crosby recorded in the fifties and sixties. What a contrast it is that the “Rockin’ Rebel” Elvis Presley recorded (these) songs from the same author too.

But most interesting are of course the songs Elvis recorded through his relation with Hill And Range publishing. Listening to titles like’The Remind Me Too Much Of You:, “Anything That Is Part Of You” “Starting Today”, “There’s Always Me” “I Met Her Today”, “What Now, What next Where To” all are part of the better part of Elvis’ catalogue. It is not strange that Elvis recorded songs of Don Roberson is all era’s of his recording career. Starting with two of Don’s songs on Elvis’ first RCA release ‘Elvis Presley” and ending with “I Really Don’t Want To Know” on the 1971 album ‘Elvis Country (I’m 10.000 Years old)”. Listening to the demos from the original acetates on this release you can hear Elvis stayed close to the original arrangements made by the author.

The recordings on this release all come from the original demo acetates, but the sound-quality is good.


Listening to this release gives great additional insight to Elvis recording catalogue. Especially when you listen to alternate takes of Elvis recording in the studio it is good to have these demo’s in the back of your head. Besides that, it was an entertaining release to listen to.

Track listing:
Stand In - They Remind Me Too Much Of You - Anything That's Part Of You - Humming Bird - You Don't Need Me Anymore - The Image Of Your Face - Here Comes Heartache Again - Starting Today - There's Always Me - Your Happiness Means Everything To Me - Love Me Tonight - Love Finds A Way - My Side Of The Story - Faithful Forever - Hi Lee Hi Lo - I Met Her Today - What Now, What Next, Where To - Not One Minute More - Road To Heartbreak - I Hurt - Darling, Let's Go Home - Does He Mean That Much To You - I've Come To Say Goodbye - Feather In The Wind - Road To Heartbreak (short version) - I'm Counting On You (vocal by Lou Dinning)