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To Whom It May Concern - Lisa Marie Presley

By Lars Gjeding (Elvis Unlimited), April 22, 2003 | Music
It’s hard to believe, but it’s finally here… Lisa Marie Presley’s debut album “To Whom It May Concern”. There have been rumours about an up-coming release for nearly ten years. Many of the questions have been, can Lisa really sing? What kind of Music will it be? Will people like it because it’s Elvis daughter or will the like it because of the music, or will they like it at all? Most of those questions have been the ones that Lisa has had in her mind for a long time. She has not been sure that the world would like what she had created, so she keep re-working on the songs until Linda Thompson’ husband, the record producer David Foster, made her believe her self and a record project. He believed in her idea of a very personal album. Lisa wrote all the lyrics her self and her former husband Danny Keough wrote all the music.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa after the big screen show at the Pyramid in Memphis last year. This was the show were she presented the tribute song for her father “Nobody Noticed It” She told us that she wasn’t sure if the people liked the songs… She got a standing ovation for a couple minutes! So I think they liked it! That tells a little bit about how little she had believed in her self as a performer and songwriter. Let’s hope that she will not be disappointed after the critics have reviewed the album.

Lisa wants the world to know that the lyrics are very personal and that they reflect her life, so far. From the years with Elvis. Listen to the line “You were a million miles behind. And I was crying every time I’d leave you. Then I didn’t want to see you. I still keep my watch two hours behind” in the song “Lights Out” As a matter of fact Lisa still keeps her watch two hours behind (Memphis time) in LA today.

There have been many big names in the music industry involved in the making of this album. The producer Glen Ballad, who has produced Alanis Morissette, Madonna and many other big female stars, has been in the project from the beginning. He has also been co-writing some of the songs. Like I mentioned earlier David Foster has been involved. He has produced names like Céline Dion, Whitney Houston etc. He was also the producer of Lisa’s duet video “Don’t Cry Daddy” from 1997. The last name on the producer list is Capitol’s Eric Rosse.

I have to say that when I listened to the album the first time I did not like all the songs that much. But after listening carefully to the lyrics and her style of singing I started to like them more and more. I just still believe that “Lights Out” is the only possible hit single, if there will be any.

Lisa’ two children, Danielle and Benjamin, sing background on the title song “To Whom It May Concern” The cover looks a little bit cold, but it’s very stylish in the modern style. It seems like Lisa is thanking everybody that she knows for their support in the booklet. As a special bonus the video for “Light Out” and a making of the video program is included as a Cd-Rom for your computer. A nice bonus!

The big question is would anybody buy this album if it wasn’t Lisa Marie Presley? I can’t answer that. The only thing that I can say is, that I like it because it reflects her life. And it’s a piece of art. Not just a commercial project to earn some fast money on her name. I also think that it’s a project that she can be proud of! I’m looking forward to the next album!

The songs are:

S.O.B. / The Road Between / Lights Out / Better Beware / Nobody Noticed It / Sinking In / Important / So Lovely / Indifferent / Gone / To Whom It May Concern

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