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The Return Of The King

By Lars Gjeding (Elvis Unlimited), April 24, 2003 | Music
This double CD is the first soundboard recording of the big screen show “The Concert” that has been released. The sound quality is “fair”. It’s not crystal clear, but not bad at all.
The good thing is that you can easily hear all the instruments and not that much noise from the audience.
Another good thing about this release is that it’s the extended, extra long opening show from August 16, 1997, the show were Lisa Marie Presley sang the duet with her father on “Don’t Cry Daddy”. This one is so pretty. That’s enough reason to get your self a copy of this double CD.

The only bad thing about this release is that BMG and EPE should have done it instead of Tupelo. A nice packet and a DVD release of this show, which is filmed professionally, would have been perfect. But that will probably never happen because of all the involved owners of the material that is used in this show. Anyway… When you can’t get the best, then hunt the second best!

Released on the "Tupelo" label, Playing time: CD 1: 79:27 / CD 2: 79:20