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Real Fun On Stage … And In The Studio

By Lars Gjeding (Elvis Unlimited), April 23, 2003 | Music
This release is a half talking and half music album. We get a got handful of “Having Fun On Stage” and some talking, that we already have on other releases. But there are also some quite interesting music pieces on this CD. You can for example find “Old McDonald” (Vocal overdub), “I Didn’t Make It On Playing Guitar” (Un-cut version), “Do You Know Who I Am” (Alternate takes) and many other short, but rare pieces. There are also a good handful of one-liners like “Guadalajara”, “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”, “That’s Amore” and more.

The CD ends with the two short movie songs, that never made it to the soundtracks “Husky, Dusty Day” and “On Top Of Old Smokey”.

It looks like the concept for this release is to collect all those rare and unreleased pieces, which most fans do not have in their collection on one CD. I will recommend “Real Fun On Stage …And In The Studio” to every Elvis fan who want to make their collection complete.