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Elvis The King Of Entertainment

By Dan Siciliano, December 17, 2002 | Video
Ok, so i'm walking thru K-mart, doing a little Christmas shopping and what do I see... two really cool looking DVD's with Elvis' picture on them. I quickly grab them from the shelf to take a closer look. "Elvis-King of entertainment" and "Elvis-rare moments with the King".

Wow! The covers are well done with very nice color pictures and very classy I might ad. So I look at the back of the first one, and it looks like it might be an old documentary or something, but the box says "behind the scenes" footage and clips from interviews I still don't have. The second one, "Rare Moments" says even more clips from the Dorsey Bro. stage show, Elvis and Priscilla's wedding, Madison Square Garden, plus more. I quickly put them in the cart and finish my shopping.

When I get home I Put the first DVD, "King of Entertainment" in and was very surprised. The DVD starts of with the legend and how it has evolved today, showing Fans, flying Elvi' and Graceland. Then we get some footage from the army, movie clips and narration chronicles Elvis' life. The best part, some really great footage of "Madison Square Garden" I've never seen before. All I can say is, wow, that must have been one helluva show, Elvis was movin' and groovin'! The special goes into those later years and after Elvis' death. All in all, I thought, not too bad!

The second DVD, "Rare moments with the king" was the same; rare shots of Elvis on T.V. in the 50's and more of his wedding, clips from the Aloha press conference, New York 1972 and more cool stuff. The quality of the video is average, and I'm sure there are better quality clips available, but not bad and I enjoyed watching them.

For the die-hard fan, there may not be much new, but for those who may not have all of the clips from the press conferences, or a quick tour thru Graceland, these two DVD's have "Something for Everyone". I saved this for last... the best part of the whole thing... the DVD’s cost only $2.99 each! Yes I said $2.99 each.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Elvis is always with us... but, that's just my opinion!

Dan Siciliano

Las Vegas