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From Squirrels To Bloodhounds

By Elizabeth Frisian, October 27, 2002 | Other
During some time in the life of any Elvis fan, it happened. You got caught by Elvis. Maybe his voice, maybe his looks, maybe his music maybe even the whole package, but still it happened and from that moment on you were an Elvis fan. Not all fans are the same, and that’s all right.

I know the kind of fans who buy some compilation CD’s and listen to them every now and then, still a bit insecure to the rest of the world to acknowledge their love for Elvis. Then we have the kind of fans that buy everything and listen to Elvis every minute of the day; some CD’s even over and over again. These are the fans who know every lyric and even all track listings by head. Then there are the real squirrels, who buy everything. Often they didn’t even listen to their new goodies, and put them between their collections, which they count every day of course. Those are the fans who like to brag about the size of their collection. Of course there are exceptions. I ran into one or two myself a while ago on the internet. But one could count them on one hand only.

Most of the talk on the internet, either through e-mail, message boards or in chat rooms is about what one has and the other have not. Once in a while a nice squirrel offers to share some of his nuts with a new fan. That’s nice of course and makes me still believe in the kindness of people. However, some of the squirrels change over the years. They find out that the love for Elvis can be turned into the art of making money. Even big money and then they turn into bloodhounds of the worst kind. Already well known in the Elvis world they start to use their influence and start their own little firm. Instead of enjoying the legacy of the King they only want to become rich. Often over the backs of the normal quiet fans. At first it starts still innocent, but rather quickly they try to blacken somebody’s character to earn even more money.

I don’t know where they get their tapes and concert bootlegs, all I know is that the fight has nothing to do anymore with being a fan. Of course, again, there are exceptions, but some of the inner circle of the Elvisworld only think of making money.
Friendship and trust are no longer part of their starting point. Instead of letting the whole world enjoy some rare tapes and music they “sit” on it and try to sell it to the highest bidder. Even more devious, they lie and cheat about it. I wonder what Elvis would think about these kind of bloodhounds. Wasn’t Elvis himself the ultimate proof that money didn’t had to change a person? He provided everyone around him with gifts and presents. And I know for sure he would not liked the fight on the internet nowadays between fans, trying to let the other look bad.

Of course I do understand people are “allowed” to sell things, but sometimes it goes too far! When one betrays one’s friends and tries to rip them off, I don’t want to be a part of that world anymore. I rather stay a quiet fan, and enjoy all the music Elvis left us. Just the other day I was at a meeting and there was this old lady, the kind of great-grandmother, one visits only once a year. She was wearing an Elvis T-shirt, obviously just bought there on the meeting. She was watching my Elvis tie and asked me whether I bought it there too….. I had to admit I owned that tie already a long time and then she asked me if I was a big fan too…… not even giving me time to nod, she told me she was a big fan… owning 35 CD’s and even key-rings.
That little story made me happy again. Just an old lady enjoying Elvis in every way she can. That’s how it should be! But hey ... that’s only my opinion.